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On the Hill – July 17, 2013

By Lois Miszner
At this time it is spitting rain and the weather  lady on TV tells us in will continue raining on and off for most of the day. However, we do like the showers as our lawns and fields look good and prospects look good for the crops and hay for the livestock that are in the area.
We had bowling on Monday but nothing spectacular took place. We will try again next week.
We are very proud of the our flowers in the circle beds. We had several residents receive Easter lilies a year ago which were planted last fall. We were hoping they wouldn’t be killed by the cold winter and they came up this spring and this past week several of the plants burst forth with beautiful white blossoms. Allison cut three or four stems and we have been enjoying them in the dining room. They are beautiful and the aroma is quite strong.
We are hoping there will be plenty of apples this year so we can enjoy apple sauce and other dishes made with home grown apples.
County fairs are gearing up for later this month and then the Iowa State Fair in August. The 4-H clubs and FFA kids are probably busy getting their projects in shape and ready to show; the summer is going by fast!

On the Hill – July 10, 2013

By Lois Miszner
Can you believe we are in the month of July? It just seems to me that the old saying, “Time waits for no man” is truly true. Someone told me that the older one gets, time doesn’t mean a thing.
We’ve had some nice days so we take advantage of them and soak up a lot of sunshine. The farmers are also taking advantage of the sunshine and cutting hay and putting it away for winter.
This Monday we bowled and we had a good crowd to watch. I believe there were nine players. We enjoyed time in the summer breezes on the patio which was windier than usual. It was very refreshing and good for our bodies as well.
We finally finished our 750 piece jigsaw puzzle. It is beautiful. We will soon have another one in the works.
We had a nice crowd last Sunday for the ice cream social. Thanks to all the volunteers who worked and set it up for our residents and their guests. Come join us on Sunday afternoon and enjoy a cool dish of ice cream with your friends and relatives.
I must thank Allison and her volunteers for the beautiful flowers blooming on the grounds surrounding our home. The lilies, of which there are several varieties blooming right now, are gorgeous and I know a lot more will appear later. We do so enjoy them.
We hope all Americans had a good 4th of July and have fun the rest of the summer.  Summer will fly by, so enjoy every day!

On the Hill – July 3, 2013

By Lois Miszner
Are you getting tired of all the rain we have been having? I am, but I don’t want to complain. We could end up with a long dry spell, like last year. That begs the question, “Which kind of weather would you rather have?”
We keep real busy here on the hill. Monday we bowled. There were no men who wanted to show off their good scores, so just the women bowled this week. There weren’t any high scores, but we got a lot of exercise which is to our advantage.
One afternoon we had a young gentleman from Des Moines entertain us on the piano and sang many songs for us. He was very good both singing and accompanying himself on the keys. He sang many of the good tunes popular back “in the day” and promised he would be back again.
Our church service on Thursday was conducted by Paster Couch from Zion Lutheran Church, Jubilee. The service was well attended and we enjoyed it very much.
On the last Thursday of the month we play Banana Bingo, with each person receiving a banana for our breakfast the next morning.
We are also looking forward to several new programs scheduled for July.
We want to remind visitors that the July birthday party will not be held on the 4th of July, but instead on July 11th due to the holiday.
Hope everyone is enjoying a good summer!

On the Hill – June 26, 2013

By Lois Miszner
Weatherwise, we have had a very nice week with lots of sunshine, some rain and rather cool, making for nice days in general. There has been some threatening of showers, but only sprinkles arriving. Some of the residents took advantage of the beautiful days and have sat under the canopy outdoors to enjoy the fresh air. I like the sunshine so I took in all I could.
We had some friends of the residents visit us with a group of youngsters one afternoon and they brought a lot of toy musical instruments. We had a great time playing, then making music, but mostly noise. But it was fun and we enjoyed the kids making noise with us.
We have serveral card parties going on. There is a group that enjoys playing cribbage and then another that plays pepper and still another plays Skipbo. And there is always a jigsaw puzzle on the table for residents and guests to put together. We just finished a 750 piece one and now have a 500 piece partially finished.
Our flowers are starting to burst with color and adds interest to our yard. I notice the lemon lilies have a lot of buds, but so far only one flower has opened. Probably in a week or two it will be full of yellow flowers. Others are beginning to show buds too. The tomato plants are starting to show growth and look good in their cages. Our lawn is nice and green and has been mowed several times recently. Spring is a great time of  year.
I notice the bulletin board shows several different musical programs are planned. We are always busy, but look forward to visits from friends and family – stop in any time!

On the Hill – June 19, 2013

By Lois Miszner
As I start to write this column for the publishers of The Progress Review, the sun is shining and it is a very warm day. It feels so good.
Now our gardens are getting a good start and those fresh veggies will taste even better real soon. Our vegetable garden here at the nursing home is coming along fine and the tomato plants are getting accustomed to their frames and soon will be shooting flowers and then green fruit which will turn to bright red. I believe Allison said she had some yellow varieties planted also.
We had our June birthday celebration last Thursday and had a very nice crowd. We celebrated five resident’s birthdays with cookies and ice cream for refreshments and played Birthday Bingo. Each “birthday boy” and “girl” received a gift too.
Please be advised our July birthday party will be held on July 11 at 2 PM instead of the 4th of July.
We are planning to ride on the tram in the Festival of Trails parade and do hope it doesn’t rain that day.
We look forward to seeing good farm crops since we have had more suitable weather of late. It looks like the hay ground of alfalfa and other plants are showing good growth.
Our bowling went over real good but no special scores. We had eight participants this week.
School is out for summer vacation and we do miss seeing our school age friends. We look forward to their visits again this fall – have a good summer, kids!


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