By Dolores Bader

Trust me: you do not want to meet a farmer moving equipment on any of our gravel roads! Our infra-structure problems are humongous and if there are solutions, I can’t visualize them. We may be able to operate giant machines by satellite but the human mind behind the wheel of the car or pickup sees only two choices, a hit or the ditch. It amazes me! We can explore space, measure the depths of the planet and now with the new Google Glass hold the world in sight every moment of the day, but we can’t  do zip about our farm to market roads!

We have a broken tile under a driveway and with the spring rains it has created a pond which is now offering a new spot for area ducks. They are fun to watch. They go their peaceful way no matter how many super-sized semi’s string by in a row.  It is the perfect picture of nature’s mundane pace in contrast to man’s need for the ever “bigger and better.”

One of this community’s unsung assets is the Starr Auction House across from the Gazebo on 8th Street. If you have never been to an auction you are missing one of the best entertainment venues on the face of the earth. A couple of weeks ago I watched the bidding for the artwork of local artists. Several went to Dave and Vi Neil who are both creative, vital promoters of this community so I shouldn’t have been surprised to see the art work displayed in the window of the Wasson building on the corner of Main and Bluff streets. But I was! Thanks to both of you for sharing. One more proof that the vitality of a community is enhanced when we share the good things in our lives.

Another local enhancement has moved forward without disrupting the daily routine of customers. Gary’s Thriftway has taken on a total face lift that has been FUN to watch! That corner is a crucial part of this community. The upgrade speaks well for the stability of that business as a key anchor in LPC. Actions do indeed speak louder than words. Keep your eyes open for the good around us.