By Reverend Ray Atwood Sacred Heart Parish, La Porte City
Sensational Seeds in the Garden of the Heart
Spring is a wonderful time to cultivate your garden for the autumn harvest. Those plants and fruits grow through the summer months. Some unusual flowers and vegetables to grow this year could include the following: the butterfly flower is a perennial plant that grows 24 to 36 inches high and produces colorful blossoms of bright orange flowers that attract butterflies; oriental poppies are delicate and bold-colored flowers which bloom in late spring; the world’s smallest tomato, which grows to six to eight inches and produce small, red, pea-sized tomatoes with a sweet taste; apple gourds are dark green and turn brown when they dry; and red strawberry corn, named for the two-to three-inch strawberry shaped ears. These flowers and vegetables would make a wonderful addition to your garden, and planting them would be an adventure for any green-thumb.
Last weekend’s Scripture readings dealt with the sower of weeds and wheat. The kingdom is compared to two men: one sows good seed in the field and the enemy sows weeds “all through the wheat, and went off.” The good man is obviously Christ while the enemy is Satan. Christ sows seeds of light, love, mercy, understanding, caring, while Satan sows seeds of division, hatred, bitterness, envy, lust, greed, and pride. Both grow together until the harvest of the end times when evil will be gathered and burned in Hell.
There are many applications of this parable. First, one could look at good and evil in the world. Where is goodness and where is evil found? Good is found in works of charity and mercy we see people performing (e.g., helping someone clean up their yard after a storm) while evil is found in someone ripping off a friend, for example. Identifying good and evil helps us to fight evil and promote goodness.
Another application is personal. Where are the weeds and wheat in my own life? Where is the goodness (weeds) found? Where and how do I show compassion to others? What kind word or deed have I done today? Where is the sin (the weeds) in my life? What areas of my life need cleansing, healing, repentance, etc.
Regardless of whether we are promoting good or fighting evil, it is important to be creative and unusual. By cultivating unusual virtues and fighting unusual vices we will grow in ways we never thought possible before now. May God help us cultivate the good seeds of life this summer.