turkey-legsThousands of Fairgoers will Enjoy Kramer Smoked Turkey Legs

With the Iowa State Fair opening its gates last week for the state’s largest festival, thousands of hungry fairgoers in search of a smoky, meaty treat will discover what area residents in La Porte City have known for years. A smoked turkey leg from the Kramer Sausage Co. is quite a tasty treat. But don’t take our word for it. Cheryl Brown, on recipes.com, offers this review:

“The best way to describe the Iowa State Fair’s monster smoked turkey leg is: ‘Fred Flintstone food.’ Seriously, there’s something fundamentally primal about walking around with a giant poultry leg in your hand and ripping the meat off the bone with your teeth. It’s also enough meat to feed a family—no kidding, it weighs well over a pound.
But take one bite, and you utterly forget the fact that you feel like you should be walking around clothed in a mastodon pelt. In fact, every bite of that humongous leg is sheer bliss (and it’s not even fried!): all dark meat, great smoked flavor (it almost tastes like bacon) and surprisingly moist.
I didn’t want to think too hard about where the vendors were getting thousands of giant turkey legs from, but aside from that, it’s all good.”

Joest Kramer noted it takes around ten days to prepare the thousands of turkey legs for shipment to Des Moines. The savory drumstick is considered one of nearly 70 food items on a stick that will be available for consumption at the Fair in 2014.
Last year, more than one million people attended the Iowa State Fair during its 11 day run.