Whereas, The Cedar Valley Bicycle Collective is part of our growing community of bicycle enthusiasts, and
Whereas, in 1956 the League of American Wheelmen designated the month of May as National Bicycle month.  The League of American Bicyclists is no the sponsor, and
 Whereas, bicycling is not only a recreational activity, but also an aerobic and toning exercise suitable for one’s fitness and health regimen, as well as an energy saving, cost-cutting and environmentally friendly method of transportation, and
Whereas, La Porte City has been designated a bike-friendly community;
Therefore, I, David Neil, Mayor of La Porte City, do hereby proclaim May as Bike Month, May 7 as Bike to School Day, May 12 through May 16 as Bike to Work Week and May 16 as Bike to Work Day in La Porte City.
Further, I encourage our citizens to recognize the importance of bicycle safety, and to participate in bicycling activities during the month of May, as well as throughout the year.
Signed this 28th Day of April, 2014
David Neil, Mayor