Parents’ Name: Pamela and Darin Dierks
Hometown: La Porte City
Birthday: January 9, 1997
My favorite color: Purple
My favorite TV shows: Lost Girl and Sons of Anarchy
My favorite movie: Frozen
My favorite restaurant: Chapalas
My favorite class: Art
Hobbies/Activities: Drawing
What is your favorite memory from high school? At a homecoming pep assembly when Jay Scheel threw a pie in Mr. Wigg’s face.
My biggest pet peeve is: When people chew their gum loudly.
Who are the most influential people in your life? My parents.
What will you miss most about high school? Art classes
Where do you see yourself in 20 years? Having a family with a good job.
What is the best thing about being a senior? Early outs and late-ins.
What are your post-high school plans? Get married
Your best advice to underclassmen? Be nice to everyone, work hard and get your work done.