Parents’ Name: Scott and JaDee Gloede
Hometown: La Porte City
Birthday: December 19, 1996
My favorite color: Pink
My favorite TV show: Dr. Phil
My favorite movie: Anything Disney
My favorite restaurant: HuHot
My favorite class: AP Lit or any classes with Mr. Wigg
Hobbies/Activities: Cheerleading
What is your most embarrassing moment from high school? I have too many.
What is your favorite memory from high school? State wrestling.
My biggest pet peeve is: When people think my mole on my chin is chocolate and improper grammar.
Who is the most influential people in your life? My mom, JaDee.
What will you miss most about high school? Cheering at sport events and Mr. Parson.
Where do you see yourself in 20 years? Working, hopefully married, and starting a family.
What is the best thing about being a senior? Seniority.
What are your post-high school plans? Attending a four year university.
Your best advice to underclassmen? Respect upperclassmen, study hard, get involved, and enjoy high school.