The following slideshows were originally posted on The Progress Review’s Facebook page and companion e-commerce website, To view each video, click on the appropriate link that follows each summary.

I3 – Slideshow #1: Postcards from Home: The Lights of La Porte City

“Postcards from Home” was the theme of The Progress Review’s annual holiday edition, which tied in nicely with the city’s annual home lighting contest, co-sponsored by The Progress Review. Using images captured from above the city atop the local grain elevator and throughout town, this video Christmas card was posted on The Progress Review’s Facebook page, where it could be shared easily with friends and family members near and far. Image quality supports viewing this slideshow in fullscreen mode.


I3 – Slideshow #2: Waterloo Honor Flight (May 5, 2015)

Since 2011, The Progress Review has served as the official camera crew for Sullivan-Hartogh-Davis Post 730 Waterloo Honor Flight. The resulting photos and video shot during a day spent in Washington D.C. are used to create a commemorative DVD that each veteran receives as part of their Honor Flight experience. Though the photos presented in this slideshow represent just a small portion of the day 90 veterans from Iowa spent in the nation’s capital, they  are powerful images that illustrate the impact the Honor Flight experience has upon those fortunate enough to participate, veterans and guardians alike. Image quality supports viewing this slideshow in fullscreen mode.

Waterloo Honor Flight: Lincoln, Korean War and Vietnam War Memorials


I3 – Slideshow#3: Ride LPC 7-23: The Images

In 2015, RAGBRAI, the longest, largest and oldest bicycle touring event in the world, visited La Porte City for the first time in over 30 years. This slideshow featured images taken over a 10 hour period of time, during which La Porte City welcomed cyclists numbering nearly ten times the population of the host community. Image quality supports viewing this slideshow in fullscreen mode.

Ride LPC 7-23: The Images – some of the images captured by Mary Bauer and Mike Whittlesey.Posted by The Progress Review on Wednesday, July 29, 2015