Parents’ Name: Tammy and Derek Vopelak

Hometown: Dysart
Birthday: July 21, 1998
Favorite color: Red
Favorite TV show: The Office
Favorite restaurant: Pancho
Favorite class: Ag
Hobbies/Activities: Farming
What is your most embarrassing moment at Union High School? Showing up to the wrong class freshman year.
What is your favorite memory from high school? Getting to see all your friends every day.
Who are the most influential people in your life? Friends and family
What will you miss most about high school? Being able to see your friends every day
Where do you see yourself in 20 years? Farming
What is the best thing about being a senior? You are that much closer to graduating.
What are your post-high school plans? Hawkeye Community College for two years and farming
Your best advice to underclassmen? Have fun in school while you still can because it will fly by.