Chloe Grosse

Parents’ Name: Brent and Tracie Grosse
Hometown: La Porte City
Birthday: Oct. 9, 1998
Favorite color: Gray
Favorite TV shows: Grey’s Anatomy and Criminal Minds
Favorite Movie: How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days
Favorite restaurant: Sakura
Favorite classes: Anatomy and Physiology
Hobbies/Activities: Netflix and Reading
What is your favorite memory from high school? Sporting events
My biggest pet peeve is: Disrespectful people.
Who are the most influential people in your life? My parents.
What will you miss most about high school? Not having to pay for it.
Where do you see yourself in 20 years? Well established in my career and married with kids.
What is the best thing about being a senior? Freedom to have late ins/early outs or being able to take college classes.
What are your post-high school plans? Attend Hawkeye Community College and then transfer into Allen College’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program.
Your best advice to underclassmen? Don’t fall behind on your schoolwork!