Parents’ Name: Shane and Sara Klein
Hometown: La Porte City
Birthday: Jul. 27, 1999
Favorite TV show: New Girl
Favorite Movie: Phantom of the Opera
Favorite restaurant: Pretzel Maker
Favorite class: Choir
Hobbies/Activities: Playing guitarl
What is your most embarrassing moment at Union High School? Pretending to be in a music video with Madi Winter in the entryway my freshman year.
What is your favorite memory from high school? Being a part of Musical and Carolers and making so many friends.
My biggest pet peeve is: People who judge.
Who are the most influential people in your life? My older brother, Gabe.
What will you miss most about high school? All the people, especially Susie, Wes, and Korty.
Where do you see yourself in 20 years? Being a mom to lots of kids, while being a preschool teacher and doing photography on the side.
What is the best thing about being a senior? Getting out of school before everyone else.
What are your post-high school plans? Iowa State University/Early Childhood Education.
Your best advice to underclassmen? Enjoy every second of high school, be as involved as you can, and be friends with everyone.