By Fifth Grade Students at La Porte City Elementary School

It means the night of Jesus/ God’s birth, the cheerful night. It’s about giving not receiving. It’s about not being greedy, it’s about being kind. Don’t be the Grinch. Be a person who cares. Cameron Hickok

Christmas is a time for loving friends and family. It is also the time for giving. Christmas is a fun time of year. Kalen Nosko

Christmas means a time of giving. It’s a holy time because Jesus was born on Christmas. A time of happiness and thanks. Harrison Bistline

The time of Christmas is happiness all around the state. It is about getting and giving stuff to people. Being happy and being nice to people. Briar Mast

Jesus’s birthday is on Christmas. I love getting presents. My birthday is January 16th and I get 2-4 presents on Christmas from my mom and dad and one big present for my birthday. Mackenzie Mehlert

Christmas isn’t just about presents and Santa. It’s about celebrating Jesus’s birth. Christmas is Jesus’s birthday. On December 25th we celebrate. That’s what Christmas means to me. Gavin Rohrbach

Christmas is to get together with family and friends. Some people believe in Santa like me. Christmas is to love your family. You don’t have to give others presents but it is nice. Jayden Rose

Christmas is Jesus’s birthday that’s why I call it the best time of year. Christmas is a holiday that you open presents and have fun. Jesus’s birthday is on Christmas. Kevin Morris

Christmas means getting together with family. It is also about having fun with friends. I love the hot cocoa. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Dominic Huisman

To me Christmas is a time to open up presents. It is also time to be thankful and give presents. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Dayshon Denton

On Christmas, Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Christmas isn’t just about presents. It’s about giving and loving and thanking Jesus for dying on the cross for us. Josie Bergmeier

Christmas is when Jesus is born. Christmas means family and friends coming together to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ. It is about giving to others. Allison Timmer

Christmas is for family to get together. Family is very important to me. Christmas is about giving. Zachary Watson

Christmas is full of love and happiness. It is a time when we celebrate the birth of Jesus the son of God. It is a time when we celebrate with our family and give gifts. That’s what Christmas means to me. Andrew Sadler

To me, Christmas is a time of giving not getting. Christmas is also a time to spend with family. It is a very important time because Christ our savior was born on Christmas. Kate Carlson

On Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Without Jesus we probably wouldn’t be here. Christmas shouldn’t just be about presents but the birth of Jesus and the giving season. Tyler Gates

Christmas is full of happiness and love. Christmas means to celebrate Jesus’s birthday. Christmas means family. Christmas is about believing. Jace Hedeman

What Christmas means to me, Christmas means family and giving to others. Christmas is always fun for my family and I. Christmas is a jolly time of year for everyone. Kengo Uchiyama- Hansen

To me Christmas means the day our Lord was born. On this day we give love and show cheer. We also get together with family and show thanks. Kennedy Peterson

It means to celebrate life and worship God. I am also glad that we get to spend time with our family. It is not just about opening presents. Kyrie Ramer

Christmas is a time to give. It is a time to get with family. I enjoy having no school for awhile. Kayden Pennell

To me, Christmas is getting together with family. You celebrate the day that Jesus was born. It’s not just about getting presents. Brayden Bohnsack

Christmas is a happy and joyful time of year. I love all the decorations, lights, trees, and stockings. I love the gifts and being with my family and friends. Riley Nielsen

Christmas is cool but you give not keep. So that’s way makes me happy about Christmas. Christmas is fun because I get to sing carols.
Cade Erdahl

Christmas means giving to everyone. It also means enjoying time with family. I think Christmas means being nice and joyful. Alex Tank

Christmas means spending time with family, and helping my Nana make food for Christmas dinner. It means donating blankets, food, money, clothes, and toys, to the homeless, and under the bridge. On Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Last of all Christmas means singing Christmas songs.
Aubrey Jordan

Spending time with family, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, sleeping in, wearing pjs all day. Giving and sharing, no school, the food, and opening presents. Staying home and having a lazy day. These are what Christmas means to me. Evan Hanus Christmas means spending time with family and talking about the real meaning of Christmas! I like waking up on Christmas morning and running downstairs to open presents. I love having no school although I miss my friends! I love seeing people’s faces when they open up their presents!! Have a merry Christmas!! Amelia Schmitz

I get to spend time with my family and especially my nephew Lennon, my sister Jordan, and Tim my brother-in-law. When you wake up you don’t have to get dressed for opening presents. Also it’s the birth of Jesus and I am thankful. One more thing you also have NO SCHOOL!!! Kendra Daniels

Christmas means to give and to love. To open presents from Santa and relatives. To pray for a very merry Christmas and for Jesus and God who gives you life on this planet. And please show respect to Jesus, God, and others. Bristol Frost

Christmas means the birthday of Jesus Christ, and spending time with my family to me. Christmas also means eating lots of food, going to parties, and wearing the same PJs. That’s what christmas means to me. Joseph Corpman

Christmas is a time to give presents and to spend time with friends and family. Christmas is the holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus. It is a time to sing songs. Alex Bunston

Christmas means spending time with family or getting out of school for a while. The part that I like the most is getting my favorite presents and sleeping in. My sisters really like to bake and my brothers, well they love the food. I also like baking with my sisters because they make the coolest things. Dallas Morris

Christmas means spending time with my families. It means days off school for 8 days and opening presents with my family. I enjoy getting money on ps4 and in envelopes on Christmas. Timothy Blanchard
What Christmas means to me is the days off of school on Christmas break. The shopping for presents in stores all around the world. The Christmas carols are beautiful, people love to sing them. The smell of baking sweets all around fill the air. I love it and that’s why I love Christmas and that’s what it means to me. Raymond Northland

Christmas means spending time with my family, baking with my mom and spending time with no school. Christmas means opening presents and going shopping. Christmas means going to parties and making food. That is what Christmas means to me. Ruby Parson

What Christmas mean to me is you spend time with your family and you are always kind no matter how bad the gift is. I also always countdown til Christmas break. The most important thing to mean and it is just an opinion. When Jesus Christ was born! Trinity Renaud

What Christmas means to me. It means getting presents and giving presents. It means baking goodies and eating them. It means no school and spending time with family. Trevor Clark

What Christmas means to me is celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ on the 25th of December. Seeing my relatives I see once a year. Then one of my sister’s favorite parts is having my mother’s piquant creamla cookies melt in my mouth. That’s what Christmas means to me. Kate Craft

Christmas means to me the birth of JESUS CHRIST and giving people presents. Damian Thompson

Christmas means to me to spending time with my family. Christmas also means to me sharing gifts to friends and family. Also it means to me the birth of Jesus. Nikki Jackson

What Christmas means to me, spending time with my family. You don’t need thanks to make you happy all you need is the people around. I love to help my grandma bake cookies more than toys. Yes it’s fun to play with toys but it’s better to make memories. Amber Stroh

What Christmas means to me is Santa comes on Christmas. I go shopping with my mom for presents. We get time off from school. Jorden Dundee

When you say what does Christmas mean you think spending time with family, baking, no school, opening presents,and so on so forth. But it truly means the day when our Lord was born. He made this world, and you can’t have Christmas without Christ. This is what Christmas means to me. Jillian Worthen

Christmas means to me this: spending time with family and Christmas baking with my Grandma. It also means to me staying in my pajamas all day and opening presents. It’s nice to have Christmas because it gives us Christmas break and that means no school. Matthew Hickok

Christmas means to me spending time with my family. Getting out of school is the best part, and you get to go sledding and play in the snow. Also, we are celebrating the birth of Jesus. Having all the yummy food is another one of my favorites things to do on Christmas. Lily Lorenzen

Christmas means spending time and have fun with your family. It also means to give and open presents. Also getting out of school. That is what Christmas means to me. Brody Foulk

Christmas means opening presents and spending time with my family. Every Christmas Eve my family goes to church for a Christmas Eve ceremony. When I go to our church we celebrate the birth of Jesus and sing carols. Eric Neipert\