By 5th grade students at La Porte City Elementary School

This is what Christmas means to me. It means to have fun. It also means some family time. We open presents together. Evan Abrahamson

Christmas means to give, not get. Christmas is supposed to be fun, not bad. Christmas is when Jesus was born and we worship Him. Brock Bergemier

Christmas means to me giving, Jesus´ birthday, and how we have to celebrate that. Jon Borton

Christmas is a fun and joyful time to celebrate Jesus’ birth, and to see family and eat all of the good food! Andrew Bronner

Christmas means family and friends. It is about Jesus and celebrating His birth. It also means giving and getting, and having a whole lot of fun! Maddux DeWinter

I love Christmas because I see all of my family and don’t worry about anything. I love writing to the elf I write to named Freckles. Every Christmas Eve, I always go gift shopping for my family. My birthday is also in winter, but the thing I love most about Christmas is seeing everyone together and happy. Molly Dulin

Christmas means a lot to me because you get to spend time with your family. You get to open presents and get new things. Christmas is very fun in my opinion. Mya Ellsworth

Christmas means Jesus to me. We worship Christmas in honor of Jesus Christ. I also believe it means to give and not to get. Lauren Frush

To me, Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones and celebrating Jesus´ birthday. It’s not all about the presents. It’s about spending quality time with your family. Ella Grote

To me, Christmas means spending time with family and having fun. It means going to church and celebrating Jesus´ birth. For me, Christmas means giving and receiving gifts. Jill Hanson

To me, Christmas means my family and I come together to have fun and celebrate Jesus´ birthday. Ethan Hora

To me, I think it represents Jesus’ birth. I also think it is time to spend with your family as well as your friends. It is a time to give, not to get, and to be kind to everyone you meet. I hope you have a good Christmas. P.S., always be kind. Christian Jolley

To me, Christmas is about giving, not getting. We honor Jesus´ for this day He was born. Have a wonderful Christmas! Nathan Kafer

Christmas is a good holiday because we give joy to the world. We give gifts to Jesus. Hunter Lindeman

Christmas means the day Jesus was born. It also means not to get and to give instead. Cameron Mullen

Christmas is not for gifts. It’s for family and for all you have. Also, it is for Jesus and how He was born and gave the gift of life. Sierra Page

Christmas means going to church with my family on Christmas Eve, opening presents with my family, and giving presents. To me, it means waiting for my parents to wake up on Christmas morning so we can eat and open presents. Addie Pospisil

Christmas is not for receiving gifts, it is for giving gifts. Christmas is a time for joy and happiness. Also, it is fun to spend time with family and friends. Madison Rubino

To me, Christmas means waking down the hallway and finding our stockings filled with treats and joy and presents under the tree. I also like going to church and doing our program to worship Jesus and His birthday. Try to smile this season and have fun! Lily Schmitz

Christmas to me is to have a good time with family and friends. It also represents Jesus´ birthday. It is also about love for your family, giving, and exchanging presents. Hali Scott

Christmas is not just about presents, it’s about my family and love. It’s a way to hang out with my family and friends! Jersey Siech

To me, Christmas means to be happy and to be joyful. It’s also about family and friends. Sawyer Spence

Christmas is all about family and love and giving. It should be fun for everyone and is about the birth of Jesus Christ. You should give thanks and have good food. Colton Wenszell

Christmas is not for gifts. It is for the birth of Jesus and for sending kindness to other people. The main thing is to be joyful and kind to others, and you should have Christmas with family and friends. I hope everyone has a good Christmas and gives to those in need. Romeo Mejia

What Christmas means to me is that I enjoy spending time with my family. Sometimes I get to bake with my mom. I help put the Christmas decorations on the tree. Morgan Good

Christmas is a special time of the year. So what does Christmas mean to me? Well I enjoy spending time with my family. I also enjoy celebrating the birth of Jesus. Illian Oberhauser

Christmas is so special to me because we bake cookies, seeing the joy of people, and seeing family. We make cookies a day or two before Christmas and all my siblings help. We frost the cookies and make cookie shaped bells, Christmas trees, snowmen, Santa, and snowflakes. I love to seeing people’s faces when they open the presents they have wanted for months and their smiles are priceless. I love to see family, especially my best friend/cousin Kate. Benjamin Rosauer

To me, Christmas means spending time with my whole family. This time of year also means that my mom, my sisters and I get to bake cookies, some for Santa and some for us. It also means our Elf on the Shelf comes and we watch Christmas movies. Christmas also means that my dad hides our “Pickle” ornament and on Christmas Eve us kids try to find it and whoever does gets to open the extra present. That is what Christmas means to me! Lorelei Hinebaugh

Christmas means getting presents from my family and we decorate the house. My family bakes cookies and makes gingerbread houses. We play a game where we wrap something in newspapers and rip the newspapers for 5 seconds and pass it on. We keep doing this till gift is open and that person gets the gift. Hunter Brustkern

I love going to my grandma and grandpa’s house because they get me really good presents. My dad and I look forward to deer hunting. I enjoy going to my aunt and uncle’s house to ride snowmobiles. I also enjoy when school gets canceled because of the snow so then I can play fortnite. Grant Severtsgaard

My family always makes Christmas cookies which is a big part of our Christmas traditions. We leave them out for Santa Claus. We get a real Christmas tree, which means a lot to me. Last but not least, my favorite thing about Christmas is being around my family, especially my grandparents. I hope you enjoyed reading about what Christmas means to me. Monica Biemann

Christmas means going to my aunt’s house and playing bingo and picking a gift wrapped in cool paper. It means seeing family at my great grandma’s house. I wake up in the morning with my little brother. It makes me happy to see him smile, so that’s what makes me happy that morning. Getting gifts is awesome too, but most of all I enjoy seeing family. Adalynn Engel

Christmas means going to my grandma’s house to decorate the tree with ornaments, christmas lights, candy canes and a star for the top of the tree. Christmas means baking cookies with sprinkles for Santa to eat. Christmas means going to my grandma’s house to open presents. Christmas means playing outside in the snow. Christmas means making a snowman in the snow. Lila Laws

What Christmas means to me is eating good food and hanging out with family and opening presents with the family. I enjoy making cookies with my grandma and grandpa. I enjoy passing presents to every one and seeing the reaction when they open the present. Finally it means serving Jesus by having a feast and hanging out with family. Hannah Holman

What Christmas means to me is that I get to be with my family and I get new toys. I am glad I don’t have to go to school on Christmas day. On my bucket list for Christmas toys are LOL Surprise Balls and an Easy Bake Oven. Yes, I know there is nothing easy about an Easy Bake Oven. Triniti Campbell

I like Christmas because I get see family. I also love the dinner that both of my Grandma’s make. I also love opening presents. Missing school is good too because I need a break sometimes. I like that there is snow so I have an excuse to not go outside. I hate snow. Henry Hegdahl

Christmas means to me opening presents with family. I enjoy spending time with family, friends and pets. I love giving gifts to family. I enjoy the traditions and starting new ones. Jakob Gasco

Christmas means going to the same tree farm every year and me just wanting to go home. Me and my sister always get to pick a new ornament each year. It means waking up on Christmas and opening presents. Stratton Wood

Christmas is a time that I have to spend with my family and learn about Jesus. Fun traditions that my family always do is opening up presents with all my family members, like my grandparents and cousins. Every year my family sets up our huge Christmas tree in early December. We always put ornaments on it and put an Angel on the very top of the tree. In the middle of December we go up to my grandma’s house and make a bunch of cookies that we can eat before Christmas. What Christmas means to me is 100% time that I always value with my grandparents, my cousins and my family. Brandon Frush

Christmas means to me that I get presents, especially getting money from my grandma. I go to Karate and we play the present switch game. It means going to my sister’s house to make santa cookies. My brother and I go snowmobiling. Christmas means decorating my Christmas Tree and having a stocking full of stuff. Kacy Grekoff

Christmas means wrapping presents with my mom and seeing what everyone in my family got. Another thing Christmas means is when my elf comes to my house and seeing where she lands everyday. It is about opening gifts with my family and seeing their reaction when they open the gift I got for them. I love eating food on Christmas and also waking up at 6 a.m. Ellie Burns

I love to spend time with my family and friends on Christmas morning. We go to my grandparents’ house with my cousins and open presents there too. My brother and I say goodbye to our elf before we go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We go to church with my family. We play with new gifts we got from Santa Claus. We go outside with my cousins and play in the snow. Ethan Winnike

What Christmas means to me is going to church and spending time with my family. I love opening presents from family. The biggest reason why Christmas means so much to me is putting up Christmas decorations. Christmas is the happiest time of year. Alivia Keegan

Christmas means to me decorating the Christmas tree. It means going to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house and decorating Christmas cookies with my grandma. It means going ice skating and sledding with my family. That is what Christmas means to me. Sanibel Schmitz

What Christmas means to me is spending time with my family. It also means to me opening presents. I can’t leave out having a good feast. Finally, what Christmas means to me is serving Jesus with my family. Preston Richard Christie
Christmas means that it is Jesus’ birthday and me and my family go to church. It means I get to go have fun with family. It means I get to look at Christmas lights. I love Christmas so much because we eat good food and go sledding! Merry Christmas everybody! Emily Anton
Christmas means going to my Grandma’s and opening presents with my cousins and family. It means going to cut down a tree with my grandma and cousins. It means opening presents with my family, seeing what they get and playing with my stuff that I get. It means getting out of school, having fun and getting to do stuff with family. Nicholas Tharp
Christmas means to me that I get to get up very early in the morning. Then I open presents with my grandma that lives in Minnesota, which is very fun. After that I get to have a very, very, very good dinner. Finally I get together with all my family. I love that. Kylee Allen

Around Christmas time I look forward to snowboarding. I like seeing family that I don’t get to see much. I look forward to opening presents. Around Christmas I like playing in the snow. Kellen Satterlee