On Tuesday, September 18, East Central Iowa Coop celebrated the completion of a $3.8 million construction project at its La Porte City facilitywith an Open House and cookout. The centerpiece of the project is a new grain bin that can be seen from miles away. With a capacity of 700,000 bushels of grain, ECI hope to reduce, if not eliminate the use of bunkers on the ground for grain storage as the harvest season begins to gear up.
In addition to increased capacity, the facility has received a major upgrade in processing power with the installation of a 15,000 bushel per hour leg. Previously, the La Porte City location was limited to a rate of just 4,000 bushels per hour.
Over the next five to ten years, the company will consider further upgrades, including additional grain bins, a second 15,000 bushel per hour leg, another set of scales, a rail loadout system, grain dryer and a wet and dry leg to the system. Such improvements are estimated to cost approximately $7.5 million. With cost estimates based on 2014 prices, the future for ECI’s La Porte City facility looks bright, indeed.