By Shawn Mehlert

Well, here we are, the first part of May and trying to understand #Rona and its effect on the Festival of Trails. In 2008, floods prevented anybody from getting in and out of town. The “All Trails Lead to La Porte City” motto was changed to “All Waterways Lead to La Porte City.” The Lions Club was able to successfully put on a condensed version of Festies in August. We are at a point again, 12 years later, where a decision needed to be made. This year brought several challenges to the Festival of Trails:

Main Street is under construction and getting beautified. We did find an alternative location, but… Event insurance this year was going to be expensive with the relocation. We did prepare for this, but… The company that provides the big tent had shut down. They did provide an alternative company to provide a tent, but…
We did our due diligence and tried to mitigate all the issues. However, these “signs” were telling us that this year is not our year. And NONE of these were #Rona related.

Now, relative to #Rona, we have waited about as long as we could to postpone this year’s Festival of Trails Father’s Day event. Progress with the virus has been made the last seven weeks and things could get better over the next five weeks. But at this time, we cannot risk the health of our community.

This year’s Festival of Trails town celebration will be postponed into TWO events. Festies Part 1 with the theme “Back to Life” will take place over the weekend of August 28-29. We have scheduled our feature act The Luck Trio. They perform all your favorite songs, sing along songs and some you don’t even know the words too! Additional details and associated events will be released in the coming weeks.

The reconstruction of Main Street is scheduled to be completed in October. Part 2 of the Festival of Trails will be “October-Festies” and we’ll be “Taking it to the (NEW) Streets!” More information will be forthcoming as we iron out additional details for this event.