Adults can join the ranks of 4-H, earn some money and contribute towards the success of any county fair they would like by becoming trained as a 4-H judge. From communications to agriculture and natural resources, Northeast Iowa 4-H fair judges and those considering being a 4-H judge will be trained Saturday, February 20th at the First United Methodist Church in New Hampton, in selected project fields preparing for 2016 county and state fair contests. New judges are needed in the counties that represent Northeast Iowa. The specialized judges training prepares the adult evaluators in subject matter, rules and standards for the upcoming 4-H fair season.
“We especially welcome those who are new to 4-H judging. We need more adults who can support youth in this way,” said Kendra Crooks, ISU Extension and Outreach Youth Program Specialist. Current judges, 4-H club Leaders, ISU Extension and Outreach staff and others interested in working with youth and fairs also are encouraged to attend. The cost of the training is $45 with a pre-registration required to secure adequate materials and a lunch reservation.
Local county fairs typically pay $100.00 to their judges for serving as a judge at the county fair. Now is a great time to call your local office to learn more about judging and the commitment needed in your county.
The registration will be open from 8:30 – 8:45 am with training from 8:45 – 3:30 p.m. The content training topics are to include: Foods & Nutrition, Photography, Communications, Visual Arts, Ag and Natural Resources, SET (Science, Technology & Engineering), Home Improvement, Clothing/Sewing and Personal Development. Participants will be able to select two topics. If you like to help youth learn and be a part of helping young people evaluate their 4-H exhibits, plan to attend the training for 4-H judges by contacting your local ISU Extension and Outreach County Office.