Each year, a 5K run/walk is held during La Porte City’s Festival of Trails celebration. This year the event will be held on June 15. In preparation, St. Paul United Methodist Church in La Porte City is sponsoring the ecumenical Christian training program “Run for God.”

“Run for God” is a Christian-based twelve-week training plan aimed at running or walking a 5K.  It is designed for all levels of runners, even those who have never run and is open to everyone in the La Porte City area. Although the class is free, individuals can purchase a Student Handbook and t-shirts and other clothing items.

The first meeting/information session will be Wednesday, March 13 at 7 PM at the church, 501 Sycamore Street. The group will meet one time each week for bible study, sharing, and encouragement and a run/walk.

If questions, please contact Sally Sherwood at 319-342-3460 or visit www.runforgod.com