New weight limits have been placed on vehicles traversing the 4th Street bridge between Spruce and Mulberry streets, following action taken by the La Porte City City Council last week. The new ordinance sets a gross weight limit for vehicles at five tons (10,000 pounds). School buses, city-owned vehicles, vehicles to receive service or repair, or other vehicles making deliveries or pickups on 4th Street between Spruce Street and Mulberry Street are exempt from the new limits.

In other business, the Council reviewed proposed changes to the City’s Code of Ordinances. Periodic reviews of new ordinances are conducted by the City to ensure they are properly aligned with existing ones. Such a review recently revealed the need to address differences in three ordinances. The changes include documentation of traffic signs in the Sweet Addition, amending the City’s penalty for unpaid parking tickets and codifying City policy on the sale and use of fireworks.