About this Guide:
It takes a coordinated effort on the part of many individuals to provide a comprehensive host of services for residents of the greater La Porte City community. When those services function as they should, the people listed here that work in the various departments and serve as volunteer board members are the ones who deserve our thanks. During the occasional times when they don’t, these same people are the ones who can offer assistance. While the makeup of the various committees reflected on this page have a tendency to change frequently, The Progress Review invites readers to clip and save this page to be used as a future reference.

City Council and Mayor

David Neil, Mayor (1/1/2022)  dneil@lpcia.com

Jasmine Gaston (1/1/2020)  jgaston@lpcia.com

Kristi Harrill (1/1/2020)  kharrill@lpcia.com

Mike Johnson (1/1/2020)  mjohnson@lpcia.com

Brent Sadler (1/1/2022)  bsadler@lpcia.com

Tim Smith (1/1/2022)  tsmith@lpcia.com

2018 City Council Committee Assignments

Finance/Economic Development: Jasmine Gaston & Tim Smith

Legislation/Personnel: Kristi Harrill and Mike Johnson

Public Safety/Emergency Services: Mike Johnson & Brent Sadler

Public Works: Brent Sadler & Jasmine Gaston

Parks/Recreation: Tim Smith & Kristi Harrill

City Hall
202 Main Street
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8 AM – 4:30 PM
PHONE: (319) 342-3396

website: lpcia.com

Facebook: facebook.com/laportecityia

Jane Whittlesey, City Clerk: lpcclerk@lpctel.net

Amanda Stocks, Deputy Clerk: cityhall@lpctel.net

Police Department
202 Main Street
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8 AM-4:30 PM
PHONE: (319) 342-2232

Chris Brecher, Interim Police Chief
Katie Davison, Public Safety Records Clerk

Fire/Rescue Department
114 Main Street
Phone: (319) 342-2521

Jeff McFarland, Fire Chief
Julie Grote, Ambulance Captain

Public Works
City Shed – 800 Commercial Street
Hours: Mon-Fri, 7 AM-3:30 PM
PHONE: (319) 342-3323
E-MAIL: lpcpublicworks@lpctel.net

Sam Weich, Public Works Director
Rob Williams, Assistant Public Works Director

Planning and Zoning
The Commission consists of nine members who are qualified by knowledge or experience to act in matters pertaining to the development of a City plan. Terms are for five years and appointed by the Council. Duties include reviewing and making recommendations regarding the adoption or amendment to the Comprehensive Plan and the Development Ordinance which includes subdivision plats, vacation of platted areas, and other land use changes or issues.

Member – Term Expires
Bob Pipho 12/31/2018
Doris Wagner 12/31/2018
Joel Bishop 12/31/2019
Richard Sides 12/31/2020
VACANT 12/31/2020
Vi Neil 12/31/2021
VACANT 12/31/2022

Board of Adjustment
This board consists of five residents appointed by the Council for a five year term. A majority of the members of the Board shall be persons representing the public at large. The duty of this Board is to hear and decide appeals made by residents in regard to adopted development ordinances. Appeals by the public can be made for variances, use exceptions and interpretation of the Code. Meetings and public hearings are scheduled as appeals are made.

Member – Term Expires
Neal Keegan 7/17/2018
Joe Schoenberger 7/17/2019
Terra Wood 7/17/2020
Marc Mahood 7/17/2021
Holly Althof 7/17/2022

Hawkins Memorial Library
308 Main Street
Hours: Mon 8-4; Tue, Thu, Fri 1-6; Wed 1-7; Sat 9-1
Phone: (319) 342-3025
Website: www.laportecity.lib.ia.us
Jolene Kronschnabel, Library Director
E-Mail: kronschnabel@laportecity.lib.ia.us

The Library Board consists of six members – five of which reside in the City limits and are appointed by the Mayor with Council approval, and one member that resides in rural Black Hawk County, appointed by the Mayor with County Board of Supervisors approval. Duties of these officers is to direct and control all affairs of the Library some of which includes holding regular meetings, hiring of staff, purchases and record keeping. This group meets regularly on the 2nd Monday of the month at 5 PM at Hawkins Memorial Library located at 308 Main Street.

Member – Term Expires
Susan Deaton 7/1/2018
Michael Whittlesey 7/1/2018
Teri Klockner 7/1/2019
Teresa Vopelak 7/1/2020
Jack Aschenbrenner 7/1/2023
Becky Schmitz 7/1/2023

La Porte City Utilities
403 Main Street
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8 AM-Noon, 1-4:30 PM
Phone: (319) 342-3139
E-mail: lpcutil@lpctel.net

Mike Johnson, Operations Manager

La Porte City Utilities is governed by a three-member Board of Trustees. Trustees are appointed to six year terms by the Mayor and confirmed by the La Porte City Council.

LPC Utilities Board of Trustees – Term Expires
Jon Barz 9/2019
Shawn Mehlert 9/2021
Tami Keune 9/2023

Parks and Recreation
The Parks and Recreation Commission has been created to recommend and review policies, rules, regulations and ordinances relating to City parks, playgrounds, recreational programs and centers. The Commission meets once per month and shall be primarily responsible for developing, organizing and promoting new recreation programs and the establishment of new parks within the City. The Commission shall also make recommendations regarding existing programs and parks within the City.

Member – Term Expires
Kristi Clapp 7/1/2018
Mike Spence 7/1/2018
Julie Grote 7/1/2020
Lindsay Pipho 7/1/2020
Adam Althof 7/1/2020

FFA Ag & Historical Museum
408 Main Street
Phone: (319) 342-3619
Open April – December
Emily Nelson, Museum Director
E-Mail: ffamuseum@lpctel.net

Board members appointed to five year terms by the Mayor and approved by the City Council.

Member – Term Expires
Dean Bostian 10/31/2018
Michelle Keegan 10/31/2019
Theresa Renaud 10/31/2020
Deb Yordt 10/31/2021
Angie Hutton 10/31/2021
George Vopelak 10/31/2022
Louis Beck Ex Officio