With the arrival of spring comes the return of many a springtime tradition. Spring cleaning and Sunday driving are just a few of the traditions that are synonymous with spring. Another tradition many associate with spring is the garage sale. As homeowners make their way about the house, many find a bevy items they no longer need but don’t want to simply throw away. Traditionally, households with enough such items have decided to host a garage sale.

However, like many remnants of yesteryear, garage sales have undergone a makeover as technology has evolved. Nowadays, the Internet allows homeowners to peddle their wares online, selling items via auction or simply through such Web sites as Amazon.com. Homeowners about to embrace the 21st century “garage sale” should consider the following tips.

Choose the right Web site. Not all sites are equal, and some might not be best suited to selling personal items. For many homeowners, the best Web site is the one that’s free. After all, items sold at garage sales are often inexpensive knickknacks, so paying for the right to post them online might be more trouble than its worth and cut into the profits.

However, many sites are free while others often charge relatively small amounts to post items for sale.

Choosing the right Web site can make the difference between making a profit and selling the item
as well.

Consider a locally-based Web site. Because many garage sales have clothes available for sale, buyers often want to see the clothing in person before buying it. For that reason it’s often in the seller’s best interest to choose a locally-based Web site such as the local newspaper’s online or print classifieds to advertise a sale.

Have fun with the ad. Oftentimes, online classifieds are loaded with items for sale. That said, your classified might seem like a needle in a haystack. However, writing a creative ad that catches attention is a good way to set yours apart from a host of similar postings offering similar items for sale. A good headline will result in more viewers for the ad. But the headline isn’t everything. Include a couple of photos within the ad so viewers can see what they might end up buying. It’s also helpful to employ some colorful writing in the ad, and be sure to spellcheck and grammar check as well.

Set a correct price for the item. Do your research when posting an item for sale online. Look for similar items to determine an appropriate price range. If you’re open to negotiation, be sure to make that known in the advertisement.