We would like to first of all thank the community of La Porte City, and the volunteers who have spent countless hours to help find Jake. We’d also like to express our deep felt appreciation for all law enforcement personnel, including those who traveled from great distances, for their work to help return him to our family.

  • We would also like to thank:
  • Kryton Engineered Metals and the Black Hawk County Attorney’s Office
  • All fire/rescue and law enforcement personnel
  • American Red Cross
  • Students and staff at Union Community Schools, #UKnightedForJake
  • Union High School Girls Soccer Team and Head Coach Hunter Zempel, #teamjake
  • Cedar Falls High School, including Tammy and John (Jake’s teacher and associate), Isaac and all of Jake’s classmates.
  • Brian (Jake’s best friend), for helping with the search and raising our spirits
  • La Porte City Specialty Care, Rockets Bakery, Pizza Palace, Casey’s, Thriftway, ECI Co-op and everyone who has supported the search with donations of food.
  • La Porte City churches, including American Lutheran Church and Heartland Community Church

So many people, businesses and organizations have worked tirelessly to find Jake, it would be impossible to list them all. Please know the deep appreciation we feel to all who have helped in some way in the effort to bring Jake home.

~The family of Jake Wilson