After weeks of combing Wolf Creek for signs of missing La Porte City teen Jake Wilson, authorities are moving on to pursue other leads in the case. Jake has been missing since the evening of April 7, when he left his home planning to walk a short distance to Wolf Creek.

The initial weeks of searching the waters of Wolf Creek were hampered by extreme changes in the weather and a considerable amount of debris clogging up the creek. Early last month, heavy equipment was brought in to begin the process of removing trees and other large items from the water, financed, in part, by a $10,000 donation from the Black Hawk County Gaming Association.

On June 4, La Porte City Police Chief Chris Brecher announced that heavy equipment operations in the creek have been completed. He noted that a small portion of Wolf Creek “…was [manually] cleared by a crew of 25 police and fire personnel on Sunday, June 3rd,” at a location the equipment could not reach because of the water’s depth and unstable creek bed conditions.

“We do not have any plans to re-check the waters at this time,” he announced in a press release to the media.
“As it has been from the beginning, we will also continue to investigate this case with the possibility that Jake may not be in Wolf Creek or the surrounding land areas. We are still unable to rule anything out,” he added.

While investigators continue to follow-up on all leads that have been received, Brecher stressed they remained committed to the effort of bringing Jake home. Anyone with information about Jake’s disappearance is asked to contact the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office at (319) 291-2587 or the La Porte City Police Department at (319) 342-2232.