By Lucian Rockhold

“Hearts and thoughts they fade, fade away,” as the band Pearl Jam once stated, but the memory of three teachers from Union High School will always stay. The Festival of Trails 5K run is on Saturday, June 15 and the money raised for this run will be put towards a $1,000 scholarship for any Union High School student who wants to continue their academic career into the teaching field. The two putting this run together, UHS math teacher Justin Parson and UHS PE teacher Erin Wittenburg, are doing so in honor of three teachers who passed away.

Admission is $20 for those who sign up before the deadline, which is June 9. Anyone registered before that deadline will get a commemorative t-shirt for the event. Those registering after the deadline will have to pay $25 and will get their t-shirt after the run. The race is located at the Union High School’s track and the race starts at 8am. Anyone can participate in this race.

“There’s an article if you go onto the Facebook page; it’s all public. You can probably search just McIntosh-Mathieson-Niemeyer scholarship and look it up. There’s a little article in there about what each teacher did. Peggy McIntosh was a health teacher and a PE teacher here. Bruce Mathiesen was in the music department. And Craig Niemeyer was a math teacher. I’ve heard so many great things about Craig Niemeyer as well, and if it sounds like if I can earn half the respect that he had from kids, I’ll be doing ok,” Parson said.

“Usually the 5 K race doesn’t take anybody usually much more than 45 minutes to an hour, walking or running. It’s kind of a nice race. Some people are pretty serious racers and sometimes we get some families and we even have kids on bikes and scooters and so it’s really nice race, especially in memory of these three,” Wittenburg said.

Registration forms can be found at Union High School and all proceeds go to a $1,000 scholarship in the memory of the three teachers from Union. The winner of this year’s scholarship is Holly Wandschneider.

“I’d like to introduce Holly as our scholarship winner. I think putting the scholarship winner in front of the people that are actually doing the race is important so they can put a face to the recipients of the thing that they’re paying for. Trying to help people understand that there’s more things going on here than just a race. It’s a celebration of three people that lost their lives early, but it’s also a way to continue to remember their legacy here by passing on a scholarship and when they can put a face to the scholarship of the three that passed. I think that’s pretty cool,” Parson said. Anyone with an interest in becoming a teacher can apply.

“We are looking for ways to promote seniors who really want a scholarship opportunity and need a scholarship opportunity to continue their education. We hope to help them further their education through this scholarship fund,” Wittenburg said.