By Caleb Reel

The 2018-2019 Union school year brought a significant change in the schedule.

The administration implemented a new way of helping students called WIN time. WIN stands for “What I Need,” and it is a built in class that intends to help students who are struggling or behind in classes. Many students were against the idea of WIN when it was first introduced last year because it meant the school day would be 17 minutes longer. After about a year of WIN time, students and faculty shared thoughts about the program’s effects on UHS.

“It’s helped more of our kids become successful in the classroom. Some of their grades have improved, the students that were getting C’s are now maybe getting B’s. Students having trouble in classes are now getting C’s, so it’s been beneficial. We had second trimester get 2.9 percent student body failing a class, and that’s remarkable for 370 some kids have a failing grade. That’s not always been the case whether that’s been an effect from WIN time or not,” said Wayne Slack, the assistant principal at Union High School. Slack feels after the first year of WIN time students were improving a lot in their grades. Slack also showed a very important statistic of 2.9 percent students failing classes which is very impressive. Students also have feelings on WIN time and how it’s impacted their school work.

“No, it has not helped out my grades, because I almost never go anywhere. It’s like study hall time where I just sit there and do nothing,” said Emma Shirk, a junior at Union High School. Shirk usually gets most of her work done during classes so she doesn’t need WIN time. WIN time isn’t for everyone but for some students it’s a big help.

“I normally go to Mr. Kearney’s room so then I can work on AP Psych stuff, because that’s one of my hardest classes, but otherwise occasionally I go to study hall just so I can finish other college classes,” Said Jenna Steinlage, a senior at Union High School. Steinlage is a very hard working student, so she feels the need of WIN is important. She also has other college classes, so with the help of WIN she can get the help she needs in them. When it comes to WIN it all depends on how you use it, and if you use it right there are many advantages.

“A lot of students get caught up on missing assignments and it allows students to get reteaching on various topics they don’t understand. It also allows them to reassess on assessments,” said Slack. It’s important for students to use WIN effectively. WIN is very easy to take advantage of, but some students at Union might not feel the same way.

“When you’re not selected you can choose who you wanna go see, but a lot students aren’t doing that because they just wanna go to study hall and hangout with their friends. I think there using it as another chill time and to not use their school work.” Said Steinlage. Steinlage believes not all students are using WIN time like they should. Students do have the freedom of where they want to go if not selected, but some of the students might actually have homework to do, but just want another study hall to relax in. It’s not a bad thing if you select to go to study hall, because maybe you need a break from school and this is a great way to relax for 30 minutes. When the administration first implemented WIN last year not everyone was on board with the whole going longer idea.

“I thought that are amount of school days should be shorter because we’re adding time every day, but apparently that’s not how it works.” Said Shirk. WIN time is about 30 minutes every day, except Mondays and other special occasions, so the administration had to add 17 minutes to the school day. Last year the hours were 8:19 to 3:03, but this year it’s 8:10 to 3:08. While it seemed like it was going to feel longer, some people it didn’t affect
“I was upset, but it didn’t really affect me to much because my early release, I get out two every day.” Said Steinlage. Steinlage expressed her feelings after hearing the news that the school day would be longer. She then realized it didn’t matter as much because of her early release. WIN time has been a help in many students grades there wouldn’t be much reason to change anything with WIN right now.

“Not right now, I think it’s ran pretty smooth. You may see some things change with teachers that are maybe not pulling kids based off of grades and homework, but also pulling kids to their room based on learning targets and if students aren’t understanding the learning targets they’ll pull students in for that and reteach, so that will be different form the past.” Said Slack. Even with Union getting a new principal, Slack believes things will run the same. With all of the statistics showing how much WIN has helped students, Slack and others are pushing to keep WIN in the future of Union.