By Jan Erdahl, Museum Director

The Museum was pleased to host the Board of Silos and Smokestacks this past week. Silos and Smokestacks is a National Heritage Area, recognized by Congress for its unique qualities and resources. In Iowa, it encompasses over 20,000 square miles and 37 counties to tell the story of agriculture…the landscape, the history, and the future. From dairy farms, to vineyards, tractor assembly and museums, it is the connecting thread that weaves the continuing tale of agriculture and its impact on our nation and the future of that nation. La Porte City FFA Historical and Ag Museum is pleased to be a partner in this great story. Over seven years ago the Museum was selected as a designated site, having met the standards and criteria.
While we are still putting the final touches on our exhibit this year, Silos and Smokestack Board members expressed their enthusiasm for the creativity of our displays as well as the content that takes history and shows its relevance in today’s world.
This fall our Museum has been chosen to host a Silos and Smokestack exhibit entitled “It Takes an Iowan” that celebrates the significant contributions of Iowans to feed and clothe the world and their evolving leadership role in bio-based chemicals and materials. Watch for more details on this exciting exhibit.