Our restoration of the 1861 log cabin has finally begun. Working with a historic preservationist, volunteers have painstakingly deconstructed the cabin. It will be moved to a cement pad located in the center of the lot and reconstructed on a limestone base. A few of the foundation logs and the roof will be replaced, using materials authentic to the period. All of the rest of the items will be the original materials. After it is reconstructed, it will be chinked. This project is funded in part by a grant from the Guernsey Foundation.
It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Helen Guernsey. She and her husband Max played an integral role in helping groups, both large and small, realize their goals. Helen played an active role in the foundation, visiting each site requesting assistance and offering her own special brand of enthusiastic support. While Helen will be sorely missed, she insured that the foundation would continue to “do their givin’ where they are livin’.” The Guernsey Foundation has been instrumental in helping projects come to fruition for our museum. They recognize the importance of preserving the history of rural life in Iowa. This log cabin, built near La Porte City in 1861, represents the labor intensive life of the pioneers who founded our state. It will serve as the centerpiece of the Rural Iowa Heritage Center.
The gifts around our wishing tree are growing. We invite you to stop in and pluck a few tags from the tree to support the efforts of the museum and the library. Your small donations help to make our wishes come true! Featured items from our wish list this week include: gallon and quart Ziploc bags, aluminum foil, duct tape, clear package tape, and 18 gallon totes. To view our complete list you may visit us on Facebook or stop by the museum.