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At last it seems we can finally put old man winter to bed and begin to look to a new season. The spring season always holds the promise of new things, especially at the museum, where we will launch our new exhibit “Collecting History.” Please note our new hours of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10-4, or you may schedule another time by appointment. Regular admission is $3.00 and children 4 and under free. 

Are you a collector? Perhaps you own beautiful quilts, vintage purses, antique fishing poles or clocks. Whatever the size of your collection, each item documents a time, a place and a way of life.
Beyond the artistry of the Bakelite purse is the story of the invention of the first synthetic plastic and how that invention spawned a whole new industry and transformed our lives. Fishing poles remind us of a time when fishing, trapping and hunting were out of necessity instead of a leisure activity. The availability of game determined where people would settle and eventually where towns would spring up.
Join us this season as we explore the wonderful stories of quilts, hunting, trapping and Bakelite purses as well as other collections. Come in and view some of La Porte’s newly discovered history as told through a series of receipts.
Watch for our schedule of up coming programs and events in next week’s paper. Please feel free to visit our web page at lpcmuseum.com and Facebook.