Do you have any scrap metal around your home and farm that you want to get rid of?  Well, St. Paul United Methodist Church will conduct their Annual Scrap Metal Drive on Saturday, September 21, 2013 from 8 AM to 1 PM at 501 Sycamore Street in La Porte City. You can clean up your place, possibly receive a tax deduction, and recycle that old metal by putting it back to use in our economy.
On this date, you can bring your scrap metal by the church or a pickup can be scheduled at your home or farm. If you have enough scrap metal to fill a dumpster, one can be delivered to your location.  To schedule a pickup at your home or request a dumpster, please contact Brian Otten at 319-939-3820.
All types of metal will be accepted at the Scrap Metal Drive- from old swing sets, BBQ grills or farm equipment, to car batteries, old water heaters, broken tools and sheet metal.  You don’t even have to remove the freon from donated refrigerators!  If it is mostly metal, it will be accepted.  Items such as TVs, computer monitors, and microwave ovens, unfortunately, cannot be accepted.
“Every year, we take tons of scrap metal out of our community and put it back to work in our economy.  So start gathering up your scrap metal and get ready to clean out your basements, garages, and farms!  Let’s clean up our community. You might even get a tax deduction for your donation,” stated Pastor Mike Gudka.