Auditions for the Wolf Creek Players’ Fall Play, Spirit, will be held September 8 at 7 PM at St. Joseph’s building in Dysart. Cast members needed are three men and five women of any age. The show will be directed be Reda Charmichael and Ron McGrath. Scripts can be picked up at the Norma Anders Library in Dysart.
Synopsis of Spirit: The Happy Hollow Rest Home brings together a variety of delightful characters, all of whom want more from life than their restricted existence allows. When 83 year-old Clara begins taking hula lessons, holding seances and sending out for pepperoni pizza, the other residents are overjoyed and the manager is dismayed. Simply set in Clara’s room, the play adroitly combines with wisdom as a young aide, a lawyer and a policeman join forces to ensure that Happy Hollow’s group spirit is allowed to grow. From the hilarious poker party to the touching final scene, this play offers charm, insight and heart-warming humor.