Performers are needed for the upcoming Wolf Creek Players performance of “The Villain Wore a Dirty Shirt.” Actors for this comedy can be of any age. Four men and seven women are needed. Auditions for the upcoming playwill be held on Thursday, January 30, from 7-9 PM and Sunday, February 2 from 2-4 PM at the Zion Lutheran Church, 800 South Main Street in Dysart. If these auditions times do not work, please contact the director, Tony John, 319-551-5846.

This humorous melodrama will appeal to all ages. Laundries are big business in the mining town of Digalittledeeper.  The “Tub and Scrub” is operated by Olympia Klenz and Sweet Sally.  The young sheriff is in love with Sally, but every time he gets close, he turns into a babbling fool.  Meanwhile, the villain, Phineas Flatworm, discovers Olympia has been rinsing gold flecks from miners’ laundry for years, and she’s amassed a tidy sum.  The villain figures if he had the only laundry in town, he’d make a million!  With the aid of his hilarious mother, Mrs. Mugwump, and Lola-Lola, a talentless flamenco dancer, he gets control of the “Tub and Scrub.”  Lola-Lola plans to marry Phineas, but not if Mrs. Mugwump has anything to say about it!  The other laundries “mysteriously” burn down.  Mayor Haggle gives the “Tub and Scrub” a civic award, and a ghost accuses the villain of his crimes.  Will the evildoers be brought to justice? Come, try out, and be a part of this wacky spoof.

Mark your calendar to attend the play when it is performed on March 28, 29, 30, and April 4, 5, 6 at the St. Joseph Building in Dysart.