“Just what the heck is a flea/antique/artisan market anyway,” is a question you might be hearing around the community these past weeks. And depending upon who you ask, you will get a variety of responses, all of which would be correct.
“I love an artisan market! I love to see what creative mind and hands make using unique mediums to turn nothing into something.”
“I just bought the most amazing ladies hat, it’s got to be a 1950’s. chock full of flowers with a beautiful net cascading down the front. perfect for next Easter Sunday. I found it at a flea market.”
“I was recently at a flea market where I just bought an Elvis collector doll. still in the box with the certificate of authenticity, and I’m going to save it for my husband for Christmas because he’s a HUGE Elvis fan.”
“Antiques, why I love antiques… My house is full of mission style furniture and I just can’t get enough of it. An antique market is where I love to go to find that next irresistable piece, just perfect for my home.”
“Give me an antique any day over that new-fangled, glued-together stuff the stores call furniture. I live for the antique markets where I find the quality pieces I adore.”
“Going to an antique show is like walking down the streets of time. Memories flood me and put a smile on my face. Ahhh. the good ol’ days.”
“A flea/antique/artisan market is different than a garage sale because it doesn’t have modern items. Items are ‘vintage’ (from decades past-a memory of time and style) or ‘eclectic’ (a variety of unique or unusual).”
“No, silly, a flea market doesn’t sell fleas!”
“It amazes me that someone could take that unwanted item and turn it into something entirely different to make it useful again. I love a market that has repurposed items. So good for our ecology and so fun to see someone else’s take on what you can do with something nobody really wants.”
“The appeal of a flea market to me is with the banter back and forth between the seller and the buyer. I love to see what price I can purchase an item for.”
“Sometimes I don’t even need it, I just get it because of the thrill of the buy.”
“l’m an avid market fan now, used to be an auction buff. At the market I can go and leave on my own time and don’t have to wait for that one item I want to go up for bids.”
So, if you’ve found yourself with “an inquiring mind” and want to experience a market close to home, keep Saturday, September 20, open on your calendar. La Porte City will be opening up their brick Main Street to dozens of vendors for the First Annual Bargains on the Bricks.
…and spread the word…