By Robert Hanson
The 2014 Benton County Livestock Judging 4-H Club had a fun-filled and exciting year. Membership and participation in workouts and contests nearly doubled over 2013. The group had individual success and team success in almost every outing.
Team members during the 2014 season were Gabriel Hanson, Mitchell Hanson, Alex Ludeking, Jacob Ludeking, John McQuilkin, Nick McQuilkin, Brady Ortner, Brant Ortner, Brock Ortner, Will Schmidt, Landon Siek, Drew Wiley, Isaac Wiley and Josh Wiley. These young men practiced and participated in number of livestock judging contests beginning in January and continuing through August 2014.
Thank you to our coaches and supporters – Pete Burmeister, Todd Wiley, Wayne McQuilkin, Rich Red Angus, Al and Kandi Schminke and the Benton County Cattlemen.
The Benton County Youth Livestock judging program is affiliated with ISU Extension Benton County and Benton County 4-H. All young people from 4th – 12th grade are welcome to participate. We will be starting up again for the 2015 campaign sometime in December or January. For more information contact Robert Hanson at
Iowa Pork Congress, Des Moines. The Senior Team of Mitchell Hanson, John McQuilkin, Nick McQuilkin and Drew Wiley were 3rd overall.
1st Place Sr. – Drew Wiley
The Junior Team of Gabe Hanson, Brady Ortner, Will Schmidt, and Isaac Wiley were 10th Overall & Champion Junior Team.
1st Place Jr – Isaac Wiley
2nd Place Jr – Brock Ortner
4th Place Jr – Gabe Hanson
5th Place Jr – Will Schmidt
8th Place Jr – Alex Ludeking
Iowa Beef Expo Cattle Judging Contest, Des Moines
The Senior Team of Mitchell Hanson, John McQuilkin, Nick McQuilkin and Drew Wiley were 7th overall out of 45 teams, the highest placing ever in this contest.
North Iowa Fair in Mason City
2nd place senior team and champion Junior Team. All judges were in the top 10 in their division.
2nd place Sr – Mitchell Hanson
7th place Sr – John McQuilkin
8th place Sr – Drew Wiley
9th place Sr – Nick McQuilkin
1st Place Jr – Brady Ortner
2nd Place Jr – Josh Wiley
3rd Place Jr – Isaac Wiley
4th Place Jr – Brock Ortner
5th Place Jr – Gabe Hanson
Muscatine County Fair, West Liberty
the Senior Team of Brock Ortner, John McQuilkin Drew Wiley and Isaac Wiley placed 3rd and the Junior Team of Alex Ludeking, Jacob Ludeking, Brady Ortner and Josh Wiley placed 6th in the Sr Division.
Hardin County Fair, Eldora
Senior Team of Mitchell Hanson, John McQuilkin, Nick McQuilkin and Drew Wiley was team Champion.
2nd Place individual – Mitchell Hanson
5th Place Individual – John McQuilkin

Franklin County Fair, Hampton
The Senior Team of Mitchell Hanson, John McQuilkin, Nick McQuilkin and Drew Wiley was Reserve Champion.
2nd Place Individual – Mitchell Hanson
5th Place Individual – Drew Wiley

Buchanan County Fair, Independence
The Junior Team of Alex Ludeking, Brady Ortner, Brock Ortner, and Isaac Wiley was team Champion.
1st Place Jr – Brock Ortner
2nd Place Jr – Isaac Wiley
3rd Place Jr – Brady Ortner

Iowa State Fair Contest, Des Moines
The Junior team of Brady Ortner, Brock Ortner, Will Schmidt & Isaac Wiley was Reserve Champion.
6th Place Individual – Isaac Wiley
9th Place Individual – Brock Ortner

Iowa 4-H State Contest, Ames
2nd Place Jr. Team – Jacob Ludeking, Brady Ortner, Brock Ortner & Isaac Wiley.
2nd Overall – Isaac Wiley
6th Overall – Brock Ortner
11th Overall – Gabe Hanson
3rd Place Sr Team – Mitchell Hanson, John McQuilkin, Nick McQuilkin and Drew Wiley.
5th Overall – Drew Wiley
11th Overall – Mitchell Hanson
Nick McQuilkin, 10th in Iowa in placings.
Drew Wiley, 4th in Oral reasons
Mitchell Hanson, 5th in Oral Reasons
John McQuilkin, 10th in Beef.
Drew Wiley, 4th in Swine and 6th in Sheep.