Waterloo, Iowa February 16, 2017
The Board of Supervisors of the County of Black Hawk, in the State of Iowa, met in regular adjourned meeting at the Courthouse in Waterloo, County Seat of said County, at nine o’clock (9:00) a.m., pursuant to law, to the rules of said Board, and to adjournment. The meeting was called to order and on roll call there were present: Frank Magsamen, Chair; Linda Laylin, Chris Schwartz and Craig White.
Absent: Tom Little.
Unless otherwise noted, all actions were approved unanimously, Little absent.
Moved by Laylin, seconded by White that the AGENDA be received and place on file with the County Auditor as approved. Motion carried.
White moved the following resolution seconded by Schwartz.
Be it resolved that the Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors go on record as opposing both HF 291 and SF 213 and the proposed changes to Iowa Code Chapter 20 which would gut the collective bargaining rights currently guaranteed to our highly valued employees. We recognize that this legislation will hurt employee morale, increase our county’s legal fees, and expose us to future liabilities and civil rights complaints by eroding the current grievance procedure.We call on all members of the Iowa Legislature to oppose this legislation and for the Governor of Iowa to veto any such legislation should it be passed in both chambers of the legislature.
Be it further resolved that the Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors values our employees and strongly believes that we all benefit when employees have a voice in the workplace. Should this legislation be enacted we are dedicated to the following:
1. Employees must have a seat at the table when discussing benefits and work place conditions.
2. Fair and just compensation practices.
3. The development of a fair and just internal procedure for the handling of grievances.
Be it further resolved that this resolution be immediately shared with all department heads who are then instructed to immediately share this with all employees in their respective departments. This resolution should also be immediately shared with representatives from all county bargaining units.
Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be immediately sent to members of the Iowa Press.
Be It further resolved that a copy of this resolution be immediately sent to the Office of the Governor and every member of the Iowa State Legislature.
Schwartz said the quality of service provided by the county is based on its employees, and it’s important for the employees to know that the supervisors have their back. He said that special interests are influencing the legislature to do away with a law that was initiated by Republican Governor Robert D. Ray. Laylin thanked Human Resources Director Audra Heineman for providing the Board with the likely impacts of the proposed legislation and suggestions for responding. She said elected officials should make decisions based on discussions with involved parties and she was disappointed that such discussions were not allowed in this case. Magsamen said the supervisors have not been contacted by the proponents of the legislation, and he felt it was a real misstep to not get input from local government officials. White said that tearing down collective bargaining is tearing down what America is about and what Americans have fought to defend.
AYES: Laylin, Schwartz, White, Magsamen.
NAYS: None.
ABSENT: Little. Resolution adopted.
The Board of Supervisors discussed aspects of the FY18 Black Hawk County Budget. Finance Director Susan Deaton said that County Engineer Cathy Nicholas wished to make some changes from her capital equipment request that was nominally approved earlier. Her request for two single axle dump trucks was reduced to one, a tandem axle dump truck replacement was added and a used single axle dump truck replacement was added. The net increase for Secondary Road capital equipment requests was $105,000 for a total of $1,590,900. Deaton said the equipment would be purchased using Secondary Roads Fund reserves, and will not affect tax askings.
White questioned why it took so long to find out that trucks were so badly deteriorated. Nicholas said that the serious deterioration took place in an area that was difficult to access.
Moved by Schwartz, seconded by White to approve the changes in the capital equipment request by County Engineer Cathy Nicholas for the FY18 budget. The Chair requested a roll call vote.
AYES: Laylin, Schwartz, White, Magsamen.
NAYS: None.
ABSENT: Little. Motion carried.
On motion and vote the meeting adjourned.
Frank Magsamen, Chair, Board of Supervisors
Grant Veeder, County Auditor