Waterloo, Iowa January 26, 2017



                The Board of Supervisors of the County of Black Hawk, in the State of Iowa, met in regular adjourned meeting at the Courthouse in Waterloo, County Seat of said County, at nine o’clock (9:00) a.m., pursuant to law, to the rules of said Board, and to adjournment.  The meeting was called to order and on roll call there were present: Frank Magsamen, Chair; Linda Laylin, Tom Little, Chris Schwartz and Craig White.

                Absent:  None.


                Unless otherwise noted, all actions were approved unanimously.


                Moved by Little, seconded by White that the AGENDA be received and place on file with the County Auditor as approved.  Motion carried.


The Board considered aspects of the FY18 Black Hawk County Budget.  They heard and discussed presentations from the following agencies:  Paul Herring of Black Hawk County 4-H and FFA Youth Fair requested $7,500.  Barb Grant of Operation Threshold requested $20,000.  Michelle Jungers of Iowa Legal Aid requested $30,000.

                The Board heard and discussed presentations from Black Hawk County Attorney Brian Williams, Conservation Director Vern Fish and Building Maintenance Superintendent Rory Geving. 

Eric Dowell, Chair of the Conservation Board, said that since Fish is retiring, the Conservation Board hopes to establish a salary range for the director position that will attract well-qualified applicants.  Human Resources Director Audra Heineman said Fish’s current salary is $77,504, and using data from other counties she recommended a salary range with a minimum of $71,629, a midpoint of $86,300 and a maximum of $100,972, with the midpoint representing a 12% increase on the current salary.  White said that while setting salaries the Board has to consider the effect on people who can’t afford to pay their property taxes.  Little said that most of the management positions in the county were compensated less than their peers, and if one position is adjusted the rest should be similarly considered; that all counties are different and basing compensation on other counties is fallacious, and that it is unfortunate that the county doesn’t have a comprehensive and up-to-date salary scale.  Laylin said it is the Board’s responsibility to provide the best services to the county at the best price, and the county needs to pay its managers a competitive rate to keep quality people.  Schwartz said Fish has been successful at getting funds from outside sources, and if his replacement isn’t similarly qualified the county stands to lose revenue.


                Laylin moved the following resolution seconded by Schwartz.

                BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that the Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors approve a salary range for the position of Conservation Director at a minimum of $71,629.40, a midpoint of $86,300.48 and a maximum of $100,971.56, as recommended by Human Resources Director Audra Heineman, and that if the Conservation Board wishes to offer a salary above the midpoint to a given applicant for the Conservation Director position, it may not do so without the further approval of the Board of Supervisors.

                AYES:  Laylin, Schwartz, Magsamen.

                NAYS:  Little, White.                      Resolution adopted.      


                On motion and vote the meeting adjourned at 12:30 PM.





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Frank Magsamen, Chair, Board of Supervisors                                Grant Veeder, County Auditor