Waterloo, Iowa December 20, 2016


                The Board of Supervisors of the County of Black Hawk, in the State of Iowa, met as part of the Consolidated Communications Center Oversight Board in its regular session at the Courthouse in Waterloo, County Seat of said County, at four o’clock (4:00) p.m., pursuant to law, to the rules of said Board, and to adjournment.  The meeting was called to order and on roll call there were present: Linda Laylin, Chair; Frank Magsamen and Craig White, Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors; Jim Brown, Mayor of Cedar Falls; George Wessel, Mayor of Hudson; David Neil, Mayor of La Porte City; Quentin Hart, Mayor of Waterloo.

                Absent:  Tom Little and John Miller, Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors; Ed Jessen, Mayor of Dunkerton; Doug Fass, Mayor of Evansdale; Mark Thome, Mayor of Gilbertville.


                Unless otherwise noted, all actions were approved unanimously, Little, Miller, Jessen, Fass and Thome absent.


                Moved by White, seconded by Magsamen that the AGENDA be received and place on file with the County Auditor as approved.  Motion carried.


                Center Director Judy Flores reviewed the Center’s proposed FY18 budget, which she formulated with assistance from Finance Director Susan Deaton.  The total proposed expenditure was $2,165,479, a 4.2% increase over the current fiscal year budget.  Estimated revenues amounted to $2,021,379, a 4.9% increase.  The expenditures included salary increases covered in the union contract as well as a 3% increase for management and non-bargaining staff, and a 20% increase for health insurance.  Flores said that $5,000 was included for Office Furniture in order to purchase an ergonomically correct filing system.  She answered questions from board members about specific expenses and revenues.  Deaton said that from her review, everything looked justifiable based on Flores’ explanation.


                Moved by Mayor Hart, seconded by Mayor Neil to approve the Proposed FY18 Consolidated Communications Center Budget.  Motion carried.


                On motion and vote the meeting adjourned.



Linda Laylin, Chair, Board of Supervisors                                         Grant Veeder, County Auditor