Bill Colwell Ford, Hudson’s Ford dealership, is celebrating 30 years this month. Bill Colwell started the franchise in 1984, when he bought the dealership from the Keith Family at the age of 28. There were seven employees at that time and he was the only sales person.
“I sold 27 cars that first month. I was working 7:30 AM to 9 or 10 PM and I worked every Sunday. After the first month, I realized I couldn’t handle it all by myself and I hired two sales people,” Bill said.
Starting in the industry at the age of 15, Bill swept floors and eventually sold cars for his father. Seeing a great passion for the automotive arena, Bill knew he wanted to open up his own dealership. With some of the pushy tactics that some dealerships used in the 1970s, he knew he wanted his dealership to be something different.
“I knew I wanted my business to be more. I wanted an ethical business where I trained my employees right and I represented my manufacturer right. That was really the vision I had at the beginning.”
After 30 years in the industry, Bill Colwell Ford continues to excel. The business recently completed a two year renovation project to create a larger space and brand new showroom.
“I knew we were going to reach a point where we were going to outgrow that amount of space so I started working on a plan. Fortunately, we were able to acquire the property where Kerry Ingredients was and then built around that, which prevented a lot of waste.”
The new building created more space for employees which, in turn, creates a better experience for the customer, which is the most important objective for Bill.
“There are a lot of good dealers out there and I don’t have anything they don’t, but I try to be a good businessman and make sure we treat our customers well. If we do that, we can earn their loyalty.”
Bill’s son, Blake, joined the business in 2007 and will help carry it into the future.
“He is a good student of the business,” Bill noted.
“I can see his role growing in the long term.”
Bill knows the future won’t come without challenges but strives to keep setting the bar higher.
“I would like to see the dealership continue to grow… we have to continue to get better. If you don’t set goals, you have nothing to measure yourself against. If you don’t measure yourself, you can’t define success.”
To commemorate 30 years in business, the dealership will be having an Only Once in 30 Years Sale, 30th Anniversary giveaways, and a few fun food days. To learn more, be sure to follow their page on Facebook.