Black Hawk Children’s Theatre will by holding auditions for the play Amazing Grace based on the book by Mary Hoffman.  Auditions will be held on Sunday, February 19th at 1:00 pm and Wednesday, February 22 at 6:00 pm. Auditions will be held at the WCP/BHCT Walker Building, 224 Commercial Street in Waterloo. The show will be performed April 28-May 6.


  Grace loves the stories Nana, her grandmother, tells her. She also loves to recreate those stories and bring them to life with her friends in school and the neighborhood. When a couple of her classmates tell her she can’t play Peter Pan in a school production, Grace finds strength, support and encouragement within herself and her community to try to be anything she wants.

The cast of characters include:

GRACE (9-11 year-old girl, African-American) is creative, imaginative confident girl. She knows what she wants and takes the risk to go and get it.

NANA (Adult Female, African-American) is Grace’s grandmother from Trinidad who teaches Grace the value of her imagination through stories.

MA (Adult Female, African-American) is Grace’s mother who wants Grace to be independent and responsible. She would like Grace to grow up to be a doctor or a lawyer.

ROSALIE (16-25, African-American) is a ballet dancer and the daughter of Nana’s friend who helps Grace understand that she can achieve her dreams.

JIN (9-11 year old girl) Grace’s friend who allows herself to dive wholeheartedly into Grace’s stories.

FIONA (9-11 year old girl) Grace’s friend who is more hesitant that Jin but still enjoys playing in Grace’s stories.

IMANI (9-11 year old girl, African-American) is a new girl in the neighborhood who lived in Africa and generously shares the family’s bounty with her new friends.

NATALIE (9-11 year old girl) is a classmate of Grace who doesn’t think Grace can be Peter Pan.

LILA  (9-11 year old girl) is a classmate who encourages Grace to be who and what she wants.

FELIX (9-11 year old boy) is a friend of Grace who enjoys playing roles in her stories.

SEAN (9-11 year old boy) is Grace’s friend who isn’t always so sure about Grace’s plays and stories but eventually allows himself to play along.

KOFI (9-11 year old boy, African-American) is another of Grace’s friends who gets caught up in her plays and stories.

RAJ (9-11 year old boy) is another classmate who thinks Grace can’t play Peter Pan.

We look forward to welcoming an ethnically diverse cast for this production. All are welcome to join us regardless of previous experience or membership. WCP/BHCT is committed to a policy of open auditions. Our success depends on the full participation of talented people, regardless of their race, creed, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or any other characteristic protected by law.

Scripts are available for a week-long perusal with a $10 deposit. Please stop by the WCP/BHCT Walker Building during normal business hours (Tuesday-Friday, 10 am-6 pm) to pick up a script.