Waterloo, Iowa August 22, 2017 

The Board of Supervisors of the County of Black Hawk, in the State of Iowa, met in regular adjourned meeting at the Courthouse in Waterloo, County Seat of said County, at nine o’clock (9:00) a.m., pursuant to law, to the rules of said Board, and to adjournment.  The meeting was called to order and on roll call there were present: Frank Magsamen, Chair; Linda Laylin, Tom Little, Chris Schwartz and Craig White.  Absent:  None.  Unless otherwise noted, all actions were approved unanimously.  Moved by Little, seconded by White that the AGENDA be received and place on file with the County Auditor as approved.  Motion carried.  Laylin moved the following resolution seconded by Schwartz.  BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED  by the Board of Supervisors of Black Hawk County, that the Board of Supervisors APPROVE EXPENDITURES, and that the County Auditor be authorized and directed to ISSUE CHECKS, against the various settlement of such claims as allowed:GENERAL BASIC FUND COLLECTION SVC CTR  oth pay 498.26IRS                               fed pay 68,630.10IA DEPT OF REV      state pay 27,716.20IPERS                           ipers 102,944.31SSA fica 95,378.95CEDAR VALLEY UNITED WAY                                            oth pay 127.50ACES eq 98.00ADVANCED SYSTEMS INC svc 73.12BICKLEY, MARK svc 1,375.00CBM MANAGED SVCS food 9,262.96CITY OF CEDAR FALLS fuel 125.25CHIEF supl 347.78CONTINENTAL RESEARCH CORP supl 211.86COTT SYSTEMS svc 6,600.00DAN DEERY MOTOR CO INC                                         prts/lbr 6,923.22DUNCAN, TARA svc 175.00DWD INVESTMENTS rent 675.00E CENTRAL IA RURAL ELEC util 3,149.46FULLER, ANGELA svc 175.00JOHNSTONE SUPL supl 95.52JUNKER RENTALS rent 400.00KEYSTONE LABS svc 12.50KIRCHNER HANSON KALEEN rent 300.00KRUSE DAVID rent 300.00LPC PRINTING & DESIGN publ 1,687.00MARCO INC svc 210.96MARTIN REALTORS INC rent 275.00MATT PARROTT/STOREY KENWORTHY supl 2,433.70MENARDS CF supl 305.69MENARDS WLOO supl 231.54METRO INVESTMENTS MULTI UNIT rent 445.00P&K MIDWEST svc 14,155.00PTS OF AMERICA svc 2,290.05RITE PRICE OFFICE SUPPLY INC supl 321.41SANDEES LTD supl 84.80SCOTS SUPPLY CO INC supl 14.86STERLING  COMPUTERS CORP eq 4,800.00US BANK misc 2,621.88WEBER PAPER CO supl 1,092.73DEWITT GABRIELLE mil 197.27FINKE ALAN reimb   123.25SWANSON JANIS mil 64.78AFLAC ins 2,134.58AFSCME IOWA COUNCIL 61                                           oth pay 699.96COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES IA                                                       oth pay 43.00FIDELITY SECURITY LIFE INS CO ins 2,331.43IUPAT DISTRICT COUNCIL 81                                           oth pay 620.67MADISON NATL LIFE INS ins 559.50MN CHILD SUPPORT PAYMENT CTR                                          oth pay 275.00NATIONWIDE RETIREMENT                                       def com 4,935.00NATIONWIDE RETIREMENT                                       def com 992.50NM CHILD SUPPORT      oth pay 208.15PECU                           oth pay 25,993.50TEAMSTERS LOCAL UNION #238                                       oth pay 2,705.48ADVANCED SYSTEMS INC supl 516.51APCO INTERNATIONAL INC educ 370.00BLACK HAWK RENTAL eq rent 235.52BLACK HAWK WASTE DISPOSAL svc 470.00BREMER CO svc 9,515.81BROWNELLS INC supl 39.65CAMPBELL SUPL WLOO supl 181.50CARTER, SARAH svc 600.00CF UTILITIES util 2,526.75CHRISTOPHERSON RENTALS rent 225.00COMMUNITY MEML HOSP svc 5,183.64COURIER   subs 415.91COURIER   publ 584.16COVENANT MED CTR svc 11,131.20CRESCENT ELECTRIC SUPL CO supl 11.12DATASPEC INC maint 1,196.00DENNIS HAGENOW PROPERTIES rent 200.00DONS TRUCK SALES INC eq 40.32DREAM INVESTMENTS INC rent 225.00ECOLAB CTR eq rent 345.78ELECTRICAL ENG & EQUIP CO eq 162.30EVELAND JOHN rent 300.00GAISER, OLIVIA svc 1,575.00GLAXOSMITHKLINE supl 3,723.90GLEASON, DEAN rent 275.00GLENDALE PARADE STORE supl 444.45GLOBAL EQUIPMENT eq 171.60GREENWOOD DRUG INC meds 10.04GRUNDY CO svc 7,446.28GRUNDY COUNTY MEML HOSP svc 8,346.60HAGARTY WAYCHOFF GRARUP FUNERAL SVC svc 1,000.00HAMMERAND, JORDAN svc 892.50HAWKEYE VILLAGE APT rent 225.00HAWTHORNE RENTALS rent 300.00HI YIELD rent 500.00HONEYWELL INC svc 400.00HUDSON PRINTING CO INC publ 1,414.67IA ONSITE WASTE WATER ASSOC educ 250.00LA PORTE MOTOR SUP INC supl 35.05LANE 7 rent 1,075.00LEAHY RENTALS rent 180.00LINN CO svc 1,666.66LPC VETERINARY CLINIC svc 71.06MID AMERICAN ENERGY util 7,292.26MID AMERICAN ENERGY/SPEC ACCT util 145.18MN ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH educ 450.00NELSON LARRY rent 225.00ODONNELL ACE HDWR INC supl 11.12OFFICE TEAM svc 642.00OPERATION THRESHOLD svc 294.00OREILLY AUTO STORES eq 2.68OUTDOOR & MORE eq 50.81OVERHEAD DOOR CO OF WLOO INC prts   266.00PALANI, MALIN svc 500.00PALMER COMMUNITY HEALTH svc 12,628.87PALMER LEIGH PROPERTIES rent 500.00PARAMOUNT INVESTMENTS rent 200.00PRESERVE AT CROSSROADS  rent 225.00PRINT INNOVATIONS supl 299.99QUAIL VALLEY APTS C/O VLB PROPERTIES rent 225.00QUILL CORP supl 113.43ROSS, ELIZA svc 792.50SADLER POWER TRAIN INC  supl 585.74SARTORI MEML HOSPITAL svc 3,756.13SCHOBER, ADDY svc 1,575.00SHRED MASTER INC svc 119.00SNYDER AUTO GLASS svc 175.00SOMMERFELT FAMILY HOUSING rent 225.00SPEE DEE DELIVERY SVC INC svc 110.52STAPLES CREDIT PLAN supl 372.29STOKES WELDING supl 160.41STRUXTURE ARCHITECTS  svc 2,595.10T. S. P. A.  INSTRUMENTS eq 500.00THOMPSON PROPERTY MGMT rnt 275.00ULTRAMAX supl 3,211.00US POST OFFICE svc 272.50US POST OFFICE svc 8,100.00URBS DO IT BEST HDWR eq 130.10US CELLULAR svc 1,463.75VERICOR MED SYSTEMS supl 16,587.20CITY OF WATERLOO svc 11,143.57CITY OF WATERLOO svc 168.57WLOO WATER WORKS wtr 177.80XPRESSIONS supl 129.60GIFFORD JUDI mil 59.79LARSON CONSTRUCTION CO, INC                                           svc 178,971.02SCHILLING DALE rent 200.00GENERAL SUPPLEMENTAL FUND IRS                                   fed pay 453.35IA DEPT OF REV          state pay 247.51IPERS ipers 843.93SSA fica 824.12SHOWALTER, KAREN reimb 291.60NATIONWIDE RETIREMENT                                         def com 275.00LINDA HALL LAW FIRM & MEDIATION SVCS svc 433.50TRENT LAW FIRM svc 323.00COUNTY SERVICES FUND IRS                                 fed pay 2,181.35IA DEPT OF REV         state pay 943.31IPERS ipers 3,131.15SSA fica 3,065.70CEDAR VALLEY UNITED WAY                                             oth pay 18.00RITE PRICE OFFICE SUPL INC supl 214.48AFLAC ins 6.16FIDELITY SECURITY LIFE INS CO ins 125.08IUPAT DISTRICT COUNCIL 81 oth pay 21.60MADISON NATL LIFE INS ins 13.00NATIONWIDE RETIREMENT                                         def com 165.00PECU oth pay 25.00RURAL BASIC FUND IRS                                 fed pay 5,036.20IA DEPT OF REV        state pay 2,029.87IPERS ipers 8,625.36SSA fica 6,759.23AFLAC ins 206.91FIDELITY SECURITY LIFE INS CO ins 142.97MADISON NATL LIFE INS ins 15.25NATIONWIDE RETIREMENT                                          def com 100.00NATIONWIDE RETIREMENT                                          def com 100.00PECU                             oth pay 2,436.50TEAMSTERS LOCAL UNION #238                                        oth pay 612.00SECONDARY ROADS FUND COLLECTION SVC CTR  oth pay 230.30IRS                                 fed pay 9,602.90IA DEPT OF REV        state pay 4,092.24IPERS                               ipers 13,192.65SSA fica 13,369.82BMC AGGREGATES supl 13,687.56CDW GOVERNMENT INC eq 1,759.98CITY OF CEDAR FALLS fuel 393.85E CENTRAL IA RURAL ELEC util 23.75G&K SERVICES svc 28.70MENARDS CF supl 32.94NORTHLAND PRODUCTS CO supl 2,500.00P&K MIDWEST supl 317.31RACOM CORP svc 47.50RITE PRICE OFFICE SUPL INC eq 143.36SCOTS SUPPLY CO INC supl 76.72AFLAC ins 184.40COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES IA oth pay 13.00FIDELITY SECURITY LIFE INS CO ins 442.29MADISON NATL LIFE INS ins 62.70NATIONWIDE RETIREMENT                                        def com 440.00NATIONWIDE RETIREMENT                                         def com 25.00PECU                             oth pay 3,126.50TEAMSTERS LOCAL UNION #238                                        oth pay 1,383.00AIRGAS NORTH CENTRAL supl 133.92ALL STATE RENTAL eq rent 151.00BHC LANDFILL svc 26.00CF UTILITIES util 71.09DONS TRUCK SALES INC eq 275.53HOTSY EQUIPMENT CO INC eq 81.04IOWA PRISON INDUSTRIES supl 1,394.50MID AMERICAN ENERGY util 552.56MYERS TIRE SUPL supl 247.45PAUL NIEMANN CONSTRUCTION svc 25,017.86RYDELL CHEV INC eq 10.28STAR EQUIPMENT LTD prts 117.14UNITY POINT – ALLEN HOSP svc 91.00CITY OF WATERLOO fuel 596.98KWIK TRIP INC fuel 204.84JAIL COMMISSARY FUND IRS                                   fed pay 104.70IA DEPT OF REV           state pay 27.73IPERS ipers 176.26SSA fica 181.22BOB BARKER CO INC supl 6,736.83KEEFE SUPL CO supl 1,807.18MCKEE FOODS food 70.56PENNY MARKETING supl 103.80VERIZON WIRELESS svc 741.19CONSERVATION TRUST FUND SANDEES LTD svc 87.00CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PLAN FUND ARTISAN CEILING SYSTEMS svc 53,880.00KW ELECTRIC INC eq 30,084.60RURAL SEWER FUND CEDAR VALLEY PUMP   eq rpr 4,112.61URBAN SVCS svc 2,082.50INSURANCE TRUST FUND PREFERRED ONE INS CO  ins 70,608.13NAVITUS HEALTH SOLUTIONS ins 23,887.63NAVITUS HEALTH SOLUTIONS ins 3,511.20PREFERRED ONE INS CO ins 128,261.08FLEXIBLE SPENDING FUND EMPLOYEE BENEFITS CORP flx sp 105.52EMPLOYEE BENEFITS CORP flx sp 265.19EMPLOYEE BENEFITS CORP flx sp 676.58EMPLOYEE BENEFITS CORP flx sp 291.33EMPLOYEE BENEFITS CORP flx sp 669.26SOLID WASTE ADMIN FUND IRS                                   fed pay 501.27IA DEPT OF REV          state pay 223.79IPERS ipers 603.78SSA fica 620.82E911 SERVICE COMMISSION FUND E CENTRAL IA RURAL ELEC util 135.56CENTURYLINK tel 1,553.36MID AMERICAN ENERGY util 234.64EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT FUND IRS                                 fed pay 407.36IA DEPT OF REV         state pay 166.67IPERS ipers 547.58SSA fica 555.58CEDAR VALLEY UNITED WAY                                            oth pay 1.00ELERT AND ASSOCIATES svc 6,012.50FIDELITY SECURITY LIFE INS CO ins 8.36NATIONWIDE RETIREMENT                                          def com 50.00MEDIACOM svc 135.90US CELLULAR svc 117.02CITY OF WATERLOO fuel 31.16COUNTY ASSESSOR FUND IRS                                fed pay 2,455.79IA DEPT OF REV        state pay 1,128.81IPERS ipers 3,937.68SSA fica 3,957.04CEDAR VALLEY UNITED WAY                                            oth pay 1.00FIDELITY SECURITY LIFE INS CO ins 74.41MADISON NATL LIFE INS ins 51.55NATIONWIDE RETIREMENT                                      def com 1,295.00NATIONWIDE RETIREMENT                                       def com 145.00PECU                            oth pay 1,723.00RICOH USA INC svc 3,999.96CITY OF WATERLOO fuel 167.11  AYES:  Laylin, Little, Schwartz, White, Magsamen.  NAYS:  None.   Resolution adopted.  White moved the following resolution seconded by Schwartz.  BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED by the Board of Supervisors of Black Hawk County, that the Board of Supervisors APPROVE EXPENDITURES, and that Country View Care Facility be authorized and directed to ISSUE CHECKS, against the various settlements of such claims as allowed: COUNTRY VIEW ENTERPRISE FUNDABDUR RAHIM svc 1,521.25ACCESSIBLE MEDICAL IA svc 6,637.50ANDERSON ERICKSON DAIRY food 541.33B&B LOCK & KEY svc 15.52BCG DATA SVCS svc 7,328.47BRADLEY KNOX svc 80.00CBS STAFFING svc 1,271.51CINDY (KRAMER) RECKER  svc 3,120.50CITY OF WATERLOO svc 968.95DIRECT SUPL INC supl 551.69DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS svc 70.00ROBERT S GRITTMANN svc 2,000.00EARTHGRAINS BAKING CO svc 371.06FIX TIRE CO eq rpr 119.13GRAPETREE MEDICAL STAFFING,INC svc 1,067.00GRP & ASSOCIATES svc 275.00HELPING HANDS HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS svc 9,920.00IT SAVVY svc 1,001.37MARTIN BROS supl 11,965.35MCKESSON MED-SURGICAL svc 3,020.86NETWORK SERVICES CO svc 425.50RITE PRICE OFFICE SUPL supl 686.54US BANK svc 1,382.62WLOO COMM SCHOOL DISTRICT svc      137.60   AYES:  Laylin, Little, Schwartz, White, Magsamen.  NAYS:  None.   Resolution adopted.  RECEIVE PROJECT UPDATES FROM DEPARTMENT HEADS/ELECTED OFFICIALS. County Engineer Cathy Nicholas said contract work for asphalt paving was done for the season, including the two projects on Poyner Road and the one on West 27th St. The bridge project on West Dunkerton Road should be done in three to four weeks.  Maintenance Superintendent Rory Geving said the new generator at Pinecrest will be installed on August 25.  New ceiling and lights in the courthouse lower level are finished, and carpeting is expected to be laid this week. With the jail security project, the locks have been installed ahead of schedule, and electrical rough-in wiring continues. He and six individuals from the Sheriff’s Office will go to Indiana September 13-15 to see a simulation of the Black Hawk County system at the company so that necessary changes can be identified and completed.  Moved by Schwartz, seconded by Laylin that the MINUTES of the Board Meeting held August 15, 2017 be and are hereby approved as submitted. Motion carried.  CONSENT AGENDA   White moved the following RESOLUTION seconded by Schwartz.  A. TO APPROVE, RECEIVE, PLACE ON FILE WITH THE COUNTY AUDITOR  1. The Board of Supervisors APPROVE INTERGOVERNMENTAL JOURNAL ENTRIES, and that the County Auditor be authorized and directed to TRANSFER monies within the various funds as submitted.Transfer from Fund Amount Transfer to Fund Amount COUNTY SOCIAL SERVICES 118.89 GENERAL SUPPLEMENTAL 118.89COUNTY SOCIAL SERVICES 948.43 GENERAL BASIC 948.43COUNTY SOCIAL SERVICES 19.66 GENERAL BASIC 19.66COUNTY SOCIAL SERVICES 94.66 GENERAL BASIC 94.66GENERAL BASIC 1,287.29 GENERAL SUPPLEMENTAL 1,287.29EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT 98,845.00 GENERAL BASIC 98,845.00  AYES:  Laylin, Little, Schwartz, White, Magsamen.  NAYS:  None.  Resolution adopted.  CONSENT AGENDA ENDS  Laylin moved the following resolution seconded by Schwartz.  BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that the BEST BID received from Gleason Construction Corporation, Waterloo, Iowa, for the removal of the concrete islands in the Pinecrest employee parking lot for the amount of $16,500 be approved and for the Board Chair to sign the contract, conditional to the receipt of the certificate of insurance, as recommended by Rory Geving, Maintenance Superintendent.  Geving said the islands are deteriorating, causing a safety issue, and they make snow removal difficult. He said the project was budgeted, but at the pre-bid meeting he heard a recommendation that the surface removal be extended three feet around each island to address pavement cracking, increasing the amount removed from 800 to 1200 square feet, and increasing the cost by $4,500. He said one other bid was received in an amount over $49,000. Little said that he talked to Geving earlier, who gave good reasons for the change in plans, but he was going to vote against it because he feels projects should be budgeted closer to their actual costs. He asked where the extra funds would come from. Finance Director Susan Deaton said leftover bond proceeds from the Pinecrest generator project (due to buying a new generator rather than reusing the old one at the jail), and other capital improvement plans, would cover it. Little said that he thinks some projects are bid too high so that they will have leftover funds to be spent on unbudgeted items, and he feels that unspent bond proceeds should instead be used to help pay off the bonds. Magsamen said he thought it made sense to do the additional work.  AYES:  Laylin, Schwartz, White, Magsamen.  NAYS:  Little.  Resolution adopted.  Schwartz moved the following resolution seconded by Laylin.  BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that the AGREEMENT between Black Hawk County and the Iowa Department of Transportation for the Living Roadway Trust Fund Grant for Counties to purchase a John Deere 825i UTV in the amount of $10,000 with a county match of $4,728 (total cost $14,728) to be used by the Roadside Vegetation Manager be approved and direct the Chair to sign for same as recommended by Catherine Nicholas, County Engineer.  Nicholas said now that the county has an approved Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management Plan it can apply for grants like this one, and the one for the sprayer on the following action. She said the sprayer would be attached to the back of the utility task vehicle. White asked if it would be hauled to sites or driven. Nicholas said it would be hauled on the trailer recently purchased. Little asked if there would be safety training. Nicholas said yes.  AYES:  Laylin, Little, Schwartz, White, Magsamen.  NAYS:  None.  Resolution adopted.  Little moved the following resolution seconded by White.  BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that the AGREEMENT between Black Hawk County and the Iowa Department of Transportation for the Living Roadway Trust Fund Grant for Counties to purchase a F/S Skid sprayer in the amount of $2,185 with a county match of $546.40 (total cost $2,732) to be used by the Roadside Vegetation Manager be approved and direct the Chair to sign for same as recommended by Catherine Nicholas, County Engineer.  Little asked if the sprayer can be operated while the vehicle is moving. Nicholas said yes, there will be two people on it. Little asked if seatbelts are required. Marge Budensiek of the Engineer’s Office said they are, and the equipment has them.  AYES:  Laylin, Little, Schwartz, White, Magsamen.  NAYS:  None.  Resolution adopted.  Moved by White, seconded by Little that the PERSONNEL REQUISITION for an Equipment Operator I position (replacement, full-time) in the Engineer’s Department be approved, as recommended by Catherine Nicholas, County Engineer.  Motion carried.  Moved by Laylin, seconded by Magsamen that the REQUEST FOR PURCHASE OF CAPITAL EQUIPMENT submitted by Cathy Nicholas, Engineer, be approved and direct the Chair to sign for same: to purchase a lawnmower from P&K Midwest of Waterloo, Iowa, for $4,342, to be used in the Elk Run shop.    Nicholas said she wanted to purchase this rather than buying a mower for the La Porte City shop, as originally planned, because the mower at the Elk Run shop is old and requires extensive repairs. White asked if she had looked into planting prairie grass there instead, as he had suggested before. Nicholas said she did not look into that for the fenced perimeter. White said that he had also suggested having Building Maintenance mow that lot when it was going to mow the county cemetery. Nicholas and Rory Geving said they determined it would take an hour more time for Building Maintenance, including drive time. Schwartz said that he would like to look into the prairie grass option before taking a vote. Little requested a roll call.  AYES:  Laylin, Magsamen.  NAYS:  Little. Schwartz, White.  Motion failed.  On motion and vote the meeting adjourned.  Frank Magsamen, Chair, Board of Supervisors                                  Grant Veeder, County Auditor