Waterloo, Iowa December 12, 2017

The Board of Supervisors met as part of the Oversight Board for the Consolidated Communications Center met in regular session at 4:00 P.M. in Board Room 201 of the Black Hawk County Courthouse On Tuesday, December 12, 2017. The meeting was called to order and on roll call there were present: Evansdale Mayor Doug Faas, Hudson Mayor George Wessel, La Porte City Mayor David Neil, Waterloo Mayor Quentin Hart, Black Hawk County Supervisors Linda Laylin, Chris Schwartz, Craig White, Frank Magsamen.
Absent: Cedar Falls Mayor Jim Brown, Dunkerton Mayor Ed Jessen, Gilbertville Mayor Mark Thome, County Supervisor Tom Little.
On motion and vote the agenda was received as proposed.
Consolidated Communications Center Director Judy Flores presented the proposed FY19 budget for the center. She detailed reasons for individual line item increases, and said that overall expenditures are projected to be $2,257,420, an increase of $80,921 (3.7%) over FY18. She said that every three years the contribution of member entities is recalculated based on an average of the last three year’s calls for service by entity, and it is time to make the three-year recalculation. She showed each entity’s new contribution.
Moved by Mayor Neil, seconded by Mayor Wessel to approve the proposed FY19 Consolidated Communications Center budget. Motion carried unanimously.
On motion and vote the meeting adjourned.
Frank Magsamen, Chair, Board of Supervisors
Grant Veeder, County Auditor