Waterloo, Iowa February 2, 2017

                The Board of Supervisors of the County of Black Hawk, in the State of Iowa, met in regular adjourned meeting at the Courthouse in Waterloo, County Seat of said County, at nine o’clock (9:00) a.m., pursuant to law, to the rules of said Board, and to adjournment.  The meeting was called to order and on roll call there were present: Frank Magsamen, Chair; Linda Laylin, Tom Little, Chris Schwartz and Craig White.

                Absent:  None.

                Unless otherwise noted, all actions were approved unanimously.

                Moved by Little, seconded by White that the AGENDA be received and place on file with the County Auditor as approved.  Motion carried.

                Schwartz moved the following resolution seconded by Laylin.

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that the REQUEST FOR PURCHASE OF CAPITAL EQUIPMENT submitted by Cathy Nicholas, County Engineer, be approved and direct the Chair to sign for same: not to exceed $50,000 for a used dump truck for the Secondary Roads Department.

                Nicholas and Wayne Even and Tim Reiter of Secondary Roads said that a current truck is experiencing severe rust and corrosion and is unsafe to drive.  It’s a 1999 model with 339,534 miles on it, and they prefer not to keep them once above 300,000 miles.  Without another truck, snowplowing routes would have to be longer.  They plan to buy a used truck with no more than 100,000 miles on it.

                AYES:  Laylin, Little, Schwartz, White, Magsamen.

                NAYS:  None.                                                     Resolution adopted.

The Board considered various aspects of the FY18 Black Hawk County Budget.  The supervisors heard presentations from Greg Zars of Northeast Iowa Area Agency on Aging (request for $5,000) and Tom Nichols for the Angels Park Memorial Board in Evansdale, which is seeking donations for a bridge that is $50,000 short of its goal.

                The Board considered the options for the condemned Cedar Valley Nature Trail bridge over Wolf Creek in La Porte City.  They heard a report from Ryan Brennan of the Engineer’s Office about that department’s inspection of all the Nature Trail bridges.  Seven bridges will require repair or replacement in the next five to ten years.  Several members of the public spoke in favor of repairing the Wolf Creek bridge because the alternate route requires crossing a highway and railroad tracks, which raises safety concerns, deters bicyclists from outside of the region from returning and spending money locally, and makes getting grant money more difficult.

                The Board considered the budgets of County Engineer Cathy Nicholas and Information Technology Director Kim Veeder.  Finance Director Susan Deaton reviewed capital items and gave the Board options for purchasing some items through bonded indebtedness. 

                Building Maintenance Superintendent Rory Geving said that he has learned from different sources that there is contaminated material in the rubble and debris under the jail parking lot, which will raise the cost of cleanup, although he also learned that the area that needs to be excavated is smaller than originally thought.  Little said that if he had this information when the Board voted to do a full excavation he would have voted differently, and said that he would move to reconsider the motion at the March 7 Board meeting.

                On motion and vote the meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm.


Frank Magsamen, Chair, Board of Supervisors                              Grant Veeder, County Auditor