Waterloo, Iowa July 18, 2017 

The Board of Supervisors of the County of Black Hawk, in the State of Iowa, met in regular adjourned meeting at the Courthouse in Waterloo, County Seat of said County, at nine o’clock (9:00) a.m., pursuant to law, to the rules of said Board, and to adjournment.  The meeting was called to order and on roll call there were present: Frank Magsamen, Chair; Linda Laylin, Tom Little, Chris Schwartz and Craig White.  Absent:  None.  Unless otherwise noted, all actions were approved unanimously.  Moved by Little, seconded by Schwartz that the AGENDA be received and place on file with the County Auditor as approved.  Motion carried.  There were no PUBLIC COMMENTS.  The Board of Supervisors acknowledged the following employees for years of service: Karen Johnson of Country View for twenty-five years, Lionel Braun of the Sheriff’s Department for thirty years, and Jay Podhaski of the Sheriff’s Department for thirty years.  White moved the following resolution seconded by Schwartz.  BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED  by the Board of Supervisors of Black Hawk County, that the Board of Supervisors APPROVE EXPENDITURES, and that the County Auditor be authorized and directed to ISSUE CHECKS, against the various settlement of such claims as allowed:GENERAL BASIC FUND MIDWEST AUTOMATED TIME SYSTEMS svc 372.00ACES svc 339.00ADVANCED SYSTEMS INC svc 458.56AHLERS & COONEY svc 937.50BAUER BUILT TIRE svc 719.20BICKLEY, MARK svc 795.00BMC AGGREGATES supl 4,275.94CBM MANAGED SVCS food 9,067.00CDW GOVERNMENT INC svc 23,748.06CITY LAUNDERING CO supl 260.00DAN DEERY MOTOR CO INC prts 2,822.16DB ACOUSTICS INC svc 1,185.00DUNCAN, TARA svc 735.00DWD INVESTMENTS svc 300.00E CENTRAL IA RURAL ELEC svc 695.00EQUIFAX INFO SVCS svc 20.00ESRI INC sftwr 16,700.00FASTENAL CO eq 28.47HERNANDEZ , JASON svc 210.00IWI MOTOR PARTS prts 22.96JUNKER RENTALS svc 250.00KARENS PRINT RITE supl 63.00KEYSTONE LABS INC svc 536.50KUCHENBERG, RANDALL svc 225.00LA PORTE CITY PRINTING & DESIGN publ 1,179.50MATT PARROTT/STOREY KENWORTHY supl 1,614.06MENARDS CF misc 3,173.01MENARDS WLOO misc 2,497.89METRO INVESTMENTS MULTI UNIT svc 275.00NAPHCARE INC svc 98,957.52NORTHLAND PRODUCTS CO supl 1,124.75O’KEEFE ELEVATOR CO INC maint 130.00ON SITE INFO DESTRUCTION svc 5.98P&K MIDWEST eq 73.89PER MAR SECURITY SVCS  svc 1,853.78PLUNKETTS PEST CONTROL INC svc 36.00RITE PRICE OFFICE SUPL INC supl 1,375.56SANDEES LTD supl 102.80SLED SHED eq 117.23STERLING  COMPUTERS CORP supl 699.00US BANK misc 19,945.10WEBER PAPER CO supl 2,204.31BROWN HEATH reimb 60.00FINKE ALAN reimb 60.00GRUENWALD EDWARD reimb 60.00KOELLING NICHOLE reimb 60.00NORTHRUP CHERRIE reimb 60.00PETERSEN TROY reimb 60.00RUTLEDGE, JODI reimb 60.00SHELTON , KATHERINE reimb 60.00SWINGEN STANLEY JR reimb 60.00VAN MEETEREN BRIAN reimb 60.00ABD PROPERTY MGMT svc 377.00AC INVESTMENTS svc 225.00AGVANTAGE FS INC supl 2,933.75ALL STATE RENTAL      eq rent 1,085.00BENTON BLDG CTR eq 711.41BENTONS READY MIXED CONCRETE INC supl 350.00BINARD, ELIZABETH svc 200.00BHC LANDFILL svc 449.10BLACK HAWK RENTAL eq rent 90.00BLACK HAWK WASTE DISPOSAL svc 526.00BUCHANAN CO HLTH CTR svc 640.00BURK LAW FIRM svc 1,468.50C&S REAL ESTATE svc 250.00CEDAR BEND HUMANE SOCIETY INC alloc 2,206.96CF UTILITIES util 202.01CF UTILITIES util 3,702.08CENTURYLINK tel 152.00CINTAS CORP svc 50.66CIVICPLUS eq 1,750.00CONSOLIDATED ENERGY HARTLAND fuel 4,246.80CORINTHIAN SVCS OF IA svc 420.00COURIER publ 509.24CROSS DILLON TIRE eq rpr 45.00CULLIGAN WATER CONDITIONING eq 3,820.16DANIELSEN PAUL svc 500.00DEPT OF CORRECTONS svc 16,219.62DICKEYS PRINTING eq 15.00DREAM INVESTMENTS INC svc 225.00DYSART TIRE & SVC eq rpr 5.00E CENTRAL IA COOP fuel 217.82EASTGATE ESTATES svc 450.00ECOLAB CENTER eq rent 345.78ELECTRICAL ENG & EQUIP CO eq 130.25EMERGENCY PLANNING & CONSULTING svc 2,800.00EVANSDALE WATER WORKS wtr 81.11EVELAND JOHN svc 450.00FOREST IMPROVEMENT SVCS svc 2,500.00GASLIGHT VILLA svc 500.00HERITAGE-CRYSTAL CLEAN svc 120.00HI YIELD svc 250.00HOLIDAY INN DOWNTOWN rooms 239.68HOME DEPOT CREDIT SVCS eq 29.95HOTSY EQUIPMENT CO INC eq 545.00HUDSON PRINTING CO INC publ 2,410.52IDA CO SHERIFF svc 52.50IA ASSOC OF CO COMMISSIONERS & VETS educ 10.00IA ASSOC OF CO CONS BOARD dues 2,500.00IA DEPT OF NATURAL RESOURCES lic 25.00IA DIV OF LABOR SVCS svc 640.00IOWA PRISON INDUSTRIES svc 1,436.84IOWA SHOW PRODUCTIONS util 50.00ISAC dues 6,350.00IA STATE MED EXAMINER  svc 10,741.60IA WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT svc 1,541.75JIM HAWK TRUCK TRAILERS INC eq 39,400.00JOHNSON , LINDA svc 20.50JPMM svc 325.00KFMW – FM publ 100.00KH PROPERTIES svc 600.00KWIK TRIP EXTENDED NETWORK fuel 62.06LA PLANT, PAIGE svc 400.00LPC UTILITIES util 135.18LANE 7 svc 1,100.00LARSON CONSTRUCTION CO, INC svc 182,010.81LEEHEY, JOE svc 200.00LINN CO svc 267.50LPC VETERINARY CLINIC svc 30.00MCCARTER JOHN L svc 345.79MEDIACOM svc 199.95MID AMERICAN ENERGY util 23,621.86MID AMERICAN ENERGY/SPEC ACCT util 1,124.57MILLER FENCE CO INC eq 531.55MIRACLE RECREATION EQUIP eq 19.45MYERS, WADE reimb 60.00NAGLE SIGNS INC svc 607.94NAPA AUTO PARTS prts 68.69NELSON LARRY svc 200.00ODONNELL ACE HDWR INC eq 5.38OFFICE TEAM svc 617.93OREILLY AUTO STORES eq 197.30PARKADE PRINTERS INC svc 135.00PEDERSEN DOWIE CLABBY MCCAUSLAND INS misc 155.00PEOPLES COMMUNITY HEALTH meds 23.67PITNEY BOWES eq rent 635.16PITZENBERGER ANTHONY svc 200.00PRESERVE AT CROSSROADS svc 325.00REEDY JOYCE svc 225.00RICOH USA INC maint 654.98RITE ENVIRONMENTAL svc 390.33ROGERS TIMOTHY svc 500.00SCHIMBERG CO eq 7,464.04SEAMLESS EXTERIOR INC eq 1,295.00SERVICEMASTER BY HARRIS svc 250.00SHEEHAN PROPERTY MGMT svc 275.00SIGNS BY TOMORROW eq 681.00SNYDER & ASSOCIATES svc 5,489.00STANDARD & ASSOCIATES INC svc 36.00STAPLES ADVANTAGE supl 205.33STAPLES CREDIT PLAN supl 163.98STAR EQUIPMENT LTD eq rent 2,509.63STAR REFRIGERATION CO INC eq rpr 372.00STEPHENS PECK INC svc 90.00STETSON BLDG PRODUCTS prts 111.18STRUXTURE ARCHITECTS  svc 2,639.52TAMA CO SHERIFF svc 66.00TEDS HOME AND HDWR eq 53.57TRACTOR SUPL CO supl 374.95UNITY POINT – ALLEN HOSP svc 25,000.00URBS DO IT BEST HDWR supl 18.15US CELLULAR svc 646.25VERIZON WIRELESS svc 1,505.32WALTEMEYER GENE svc 500.00WATERFALLS CAR WASH lbr 29.90WATERLOO OIL CO fuel 3,601.13WLOO WATER WORKS wtr 328.53WAYNE ENGINEERING CORP eq 102.47WEST PAYMENT CTR supl 1,755.42WITHAM AUTO CTR prts 171.56YOUNG PLBG & HEATING CO eq rpr 403.50ANDERSON LYNDSEY reimb 60.00BAUCH, KYLE reimb 60.00JONES SCOTT reimb 60.00SVOBODA, CONNIE reimb 60.00TURNER TAMARA M reimb 60.00WEIMER JAMES reimb 60.00HIDLEBAUGH, LAURA ref 20.00KRAMER SAUSAGE CO. food 101.70JOHNSON CONTROLS INC eq 572.64SCOTT, TRAVIS reimb 60.00GENERAL SUPPLEMENTAL FUND US BANK misc 1,375.22CENTRAL IA JUVENILE DET CTR trans 12,939.42DUBUQUE CO rent 1,840.29IA MUNICIPALITIES WKRS COMP ASSOC                          wk cp 28,405.00IA PRECINCT ATLAS CONSORTIUM eq 63,770.46N IA JUV DETENTION SVCS svc 93,632.79OFFICE DEPOT supl 5.29COUNTY SERVICES FUND RITE PRICE OFFICE SUPL INC supl 191.32BUTLER CO AUDITOR svc 300,000.00SECONDARY ROADS FUNDS ASPRO INC supl 936.90BHC TREASURER svc 48.84BMC AGGREGATES supl 11,747.23CDW GOVERNMENT INC sftwr 131.78CITY OF CEDAR FALLS svc 56.11G&K SERVICES svc 28.70KWIK TRIP INC fuel   358.29MENARDS CF eq 33.15RITE PRICE OFFICE SUPL INC supl 145.24SCOTS SUPL CO INC supl 8.57SCOTT VAN KEPPEL svc 1,367.50US BANK misc 452.68A LINE STRIPING & SWEEPING svc 438.75CAMPBELL SUPL WLOO eq 41.38CF UTILITIES util 16.06CENTURYLINK tel 59.49CONSOLIDATED ENERGY HARTLAND fuel 1,930.83DONS TRUCK SALES INC eq 128.25DUMONT IMPLEMENT CO INC prts 164.81E CENTRAL IA COOP fuel 7,547.05HIWAY PRODUCTS INC eq 161.71IOWA PRISON INDUSTRIES supl 1,819.80KLUESNER CONSTRUCTION svc 27,095.00MID AMERICAN ENERGY util 1,297.27MURPHY TRACTOR & EQUIP CO prts 635.14OREILLY AUTO STORES prts 7.63OVERHEAD DOOR CO OF WLOO INC prts 51.00PAUL NIEMANN CONSTRUCTION supl 43,082.09SADLER POWER TRAIN INC prts 120.04UNITY POINT – ALLEN HOSP svc 146.00RESOURCE/ENHANCE/PROTECT FUND FREDERICK, DAVID svc 1,500.00LARSON CONSTRUCTION CO, INC svc 22,031.94JAIL COMMISSARY FUND KEEFE SUPL CO food 936.22MCKEE FOODS food 52.48US BANK supl 74.43SAMS WHOLESALE CLUB food 1,054.99CONSERVATION TRUST FUND RJ THOMAS MFG INC eq 845.00EMA RADIO SYSTEM-CAP FUND MURPHY TOWER SVC svc 8,550.00CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PLAN FUND COMMUNITY ELECTRIC svc 40,038.40CRESCENT ELECTRIC SUPL CO eq 84.26YOUNG PLBG & HEATING CO eq 34,462.00RURAL WATER FUND WLOO WATER WORKS svc 353.49RURAL SEWER FUND CEDAR VALLEY PUMP eq rpr 2,719.92URBAN SVCS svc 2,582.50IOWA ONE CALL svc 51.60INSURANCE TRUST FUND NAVITUS HEALTH SOLUTIONS ins 21,988.00PREFERRED ONE INS CO ins 198,388.74SELF-INSURED/LIAB,PROP ETC FUND MENARDS CF eq rpr 786.40FLEXIBLE SPENDING FUND EMPLOYEE BENEFITS CORP flx sp 402.01EMPLOYEE BENEFITS CORP flx sp 940.90EMPLOYEE BENEFITS CORP flx sp 2,180.63EMPLOYEE BENEFITS CORP flx sp 47.37EMPLOYEE BENEFITS CORP flx sp 4,107.02E911 SERVICE COMMISSION FUND DUNKERTON TELEPHONE COOP tel 668.12MID AMERICAN ENERGY util 324.26RTC COMMUNICATIONS tel 18.50EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT FUND CENTURYLINK tel 74.00COUNTY ASSESSOR FUND BHC TREASURER svc 10,999.67INSTITUTE OF IA CERTIFIED ASSESSORS educ 685.00JASPER VICTORIA mil 20.52TROTTER TRACY mil 70.20  AYES:  Laylin, Little, Schwartz, White, Magsamen.  NAYS:  None.   Resolution adopted.  Laylin moved the following resolution seconded by Schwartz.  BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED by the Board of Supervisors of Black Hawk County, that the Board of Supervisors APPROVE EXPENDITURES, and that Country View Care Facility be authorized and directed to ISSUE CHECKS, against the various settlements of such claims as allowed:COUNTRY VIEW ENTERPRISE FUND A-1 CAREERS svc 645.81ACCESSIBLE MEDICAL IA svc 8,869.00ALLEN MEML HOSP svc 579.52ALLEN OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH SVCS svc 39.00ANDERSON ERICKSON DAIRY food 750.17ARJOHUNTLEIGH eq rpr 219.42B&B LOCK & KEY supl 620.00BLACKHAWK AUTOMATIC SPRINKLERS INC eq rpr 109.00CDW GOVERNMENT eq   830.91CENTURY CONSTR bldg rpr 760.00CITY OF WATERLOO util 1,486.70COMMUNITY WHOLESALE supl 963.50COVENANT MED CTR svc 1,703.80DIRECT SUPL INC eq 1,551.78EARTHGRAINS BAKING CO food 178.14ELECTRONIC ENG supl 107.48GRAPETREE MEDICAL STAFFING,INC svc 2,486.00HARRIS CLEANING SVC INC  svc 360.00HD SUPPLY FACILITIES MAINT LTD eq/ supl 929.64HELPING HANDS HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS svc 19,803.75INQUIREHIRE svc 25.00IOWA MEDICAID ENTERPRISE svc 56,232.28LANCASTER ENTERPRISES eq rpr 137.75MARTIN BROS         food/supl 10,886.75MCKESSON MEDICAL-SURGICAL supl 1,033.42MEDLINE INDUSTRIES INC svc 5.54NETWORK SVCS CO supl 862.64NORTHERN IA THERAPY svc 26,516.62OVERHEAD DOOR CO OF WLOO INC eq rpr 154.00PERFORMANCE HEALTH supl 71.95PROVIDERS PLUS INC supl 1,534.65RITE PRICE OFFICE SUPL supl 769.96SAFELITE eq rpr 79.12SANDEES supl 24.00STONERS RADIATOR SVC  eq rpr 1,225.00TIME MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS svc 165.00UNITY HEALTH HOSPITALS svc 33.70UNITYPOINT AT HOME supl 2,022.38WASTE MGMT OF WI-MN svc 375.25WLOO COMM SCHOOL DIST svc 201.43YOUNG PLBG & HEATING CO eq rpr 2,513.50  AYES:  Laylin, Little, Schwartz, White, Magsamen.  NAYS:  None.   Resolution adopted.  RECEIVE PROJECT UPDATES FROM DEPARTMENT HEADS/ELECTED OFFICIALS. County Engineer Catherine Nicholas said construction continues on the Dunkerton Road Bridge west of Wagner Road. Poyner Road resurfacing from Gilbertville to Canfield Road will continue through at least Friday. County bridge crew is demolishing a small bridge on Watters Road just west of Hudson and Watters Road will be closed for reconstruction for six to eight weeks  Moved by Schwartz, seconded by Laylin that the MINUTES of the Board Meeting held July 11, 2017 be and are hereby approved as submitted. Motion carried.  CONSENT AGENDA   Laylin moved the following RESOLUTION seconded by White.  A. TO APPROVE, RECEIVE, PLACE ON FILE WITH THE COUNTY AUDITOR  1. The Board of Supervisors APPROVE INTERGOVERNMENTAL JOURNAL ENTRIES, and that the County Auditor be authorized and directed to TRANSFER monies within the various funds as submitted.Transfer from Fund Amount Transfer to Fund Amount GENERAL BASIC                  975.09 GENERAL SUPPLEMENTAL 975.09 EMERGENCY MGMT         263,480.00 GENERAL BASIC           263,480.00 GENERAL BASIC  – VA                    47.20 GENERAL BASIC – DHS 47.20 COUNTY SOCIAL SERVICES 200.19 GENERAL BASIC                   200.19  2. The PAYROLL ADJUSTMENTS submitted by the various departments and the County Auditor be authorized and directed to adjust his records accordingly.                                                                                         EFFECTIVE DEPT, NAME, TITLE TO DATE ACTIONAUDITOR, Grant Veeder Steffen, Helen R., Systems/Real Estate Tax Mgr $32.54 7/1/2017 Salary AdjustmentSHERIFF, Tony Thompson Berry, Joshua V., Civilian Detention Officer $18.15 7/9/2017 Shift ChangeCornwell, Kayla L., Deputy Sheriff $20.96 7/5/2017 TerminationJosavac, Rajka, Deputy Sheriff $22.01 7/2/2017 Increment RaiseMeyer, Jesse N., Master Control Technician $18.15 7/14/2017 TerminationNichols, Thomas D., Sergeant – Patrol $34.34 7/2/2017 Increment RaisePullin, Leah R., Civilian Detention Officer $18.15 7/9/2017 Shift ChangeSnook, Bryan L., Network Administrator $34.10 7/1/2017 Salary AdjustmentTyler, Jammie L., Booking Clerk $18.15 7/10/2017 New HireWagner, Mark R., Sergeant $34.99 7/14/2017 TerminationWoltzen, Jentry L., Booking Clerk $18.15 7/9/2017 Probation EndedTREASURER, Rita Schmidt Schmitz, Monica I., Operations Manager $31.00 7/1/2017 Salary AdjustmentVanlengen, Beth A., Finan. Manag.Supervisor $31.00 7/1/2017 Salary AdjustmentZhorne, Kathryn E., Motor Vehicle Title & Reg. Tech. $22.27 7/1/2017 Salary Adjustment COUNTY ATTORNEY, Brian Williams Kodiaga, Israel J., Assistant County Attorney $36.53 7/2/2017 Step IncreaseKubik, Dennis J., Domestic Violence Investigator $21.95 7/2/2017 Coding ChangeHUMAN RESOURCES, Debra Bunger Fesenmeyer, Amanda L., HR Spclist, Recruit & Comp $25.19 7/2/2017 Succesful ApplicantWood, Marianne S., HR Spclist, Benefits & Leave $24.37 7/2/2017 Salary Adjustment BUILDING MAINTENANCE, Rory Geving Daniels, Kendall R., Prop. Maintenance Asst $15.69 7/2/2017 Step COUNTRY VIEW, Dennis Coleman Brooks, Angela M., LPN $19.64 7/2/2017 StepFlowers, Stephanie R., CNA $14.35 7/2/2017 StepFortier, Erica J., CNA $13.77 7/3/2017 Probation EndedFuller, Bailey A., CNA $13.77 7/3/2017 TerminationGlass, Kristine R., CNA $14.35 7/2/2017 StepIrvine, Colleen M., Dir. of Behavioral Health $31.00 7/1/2017 Salary AdjustmentMercado, Lydia A., Nursing Assistant $16.10 7/2/2017 StepMolina, Ashley A., Support Services Spcist $24.45 7/1/2017 Salary AdjustmentPendleton, Michelle, ICF/MR Program Mgr $32.55 7/1/2017 Salary AdjustmentPfeifer, Jessica A., CNA $13.77 7/3/2017 Probation EndedRegan, Michael J., Physical Plant Manager $28.23 7/1/2017 Salary AdjustmentWagner, Kimberly D., Support Services Spclist $24.45 7/1/2017 Salary AdjustmentWagner, Robin L., Food Service Supervisor $25.67 7/1/2017 Salary AdjustmentWheelock, Corey L., Program Supervisor $20.27 7/1/2017 Salary AdjustmentWoods, Jennifer M., LPN $18.93 7/6/2017 New HireZummak, Ashley L., CNA $13.77 7/3/2017 Probation EndedENGINEER, Cathy Nicholas Brennan, Ryan D., Asst County Engineer I $34.62 7/1/2017 Salary AdjustmentOtt, Gary J., Labor/Equipment Operator I $20.64 7/2/2017 StepOtt, Gary J., Labor/Equipment Operator I $20.64 7/3/2017 Probation EndedThome, Luke G., Labor/EquipOperator IB $22.13 7/2/2017 Step  B. TO RECEIVE AND PLACE ON FILE WITH THE COUNTY AUDITOR  1. The PROPERTY ASSESSMENT APPEALS where a change in assessed valuation of one hundred thousand dollars or more is petitioned for, as submitted by T.J. Koenigsfeld, Black Hawk County Assessor.  2. The MANURE MANAGEMENT PLAN (MMP) update submitted by Robert Cooper d/b/a RWC Farms Inc Facility ID#61142 located at 8504 Garling Road, La Porte City in Black Hawk County pursuant to 567 Iowa Administrative Code §455B.  AYES:  Laylin, Little, Schwartz, White, Magsamen.  NAYS:  None.  Resolution adopted.  CONSENT AGENDA ENDS  White moved the following resolution seconded by Schwartz.  WHEREAS, sixty-seven years ago North Korea launched an unprovoked attack on South Korea, an American ally,  WHEREAS, the United States in collaboration with the United Nations determined this communist aggression had to be confronted with armed forces,  WHEREAS, during the years 1950-1953, 36,574 American men and women gave their lives, 567 of them Iowans,   WHEREAS, many Americans have forgotten about this conflict despite the continued presence today of United States troops in this volatile region,  WHEREAS, the citizens of Waterloo must never forget the pain and suffering that lingers today for the men and women who fought with honor and distinction, in the name of freedom and democracy,  WHEREAS, The Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veterans Museum opened last week an exhibit to honor Korean War veterans,  NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors proclaim the week of July 16th-22nd, 2017, as Honor Korean War Veterans Week.   Grout Museum Director Billie Bailey thanked the Board for their assistance in helping to provide free admission to the Korean veterans to the Korean War exhibit that will be at the museum from 7/14/2017-7/14/2018. 225 people came to the Grand Public Opening on Saturday from all over the state and from other states. Korean veterans in the audience were introduced. Ken Lind said he was glad to be here and he feels very honored by the museum display. Eugene Holmes said the Grout has done a tremendous job with display. Paul Reiter said he is a Navy Korean vet and appreciates what the Grout does. He saw lots of people Saturday and that made him feel good that he was not alone. Sid Morris said what he hears from veterans almost say daily is their appreciation for Grout Museum and all it does for veterans and for having this display for a whole year. It has been over sixty years and it is neat to be recognized.  Bailey also introduced Grout staff member Chris Shackelford who is collecting photos and biographies about those killed in the Korean War.     AYES:  Laylin, Little, Schwartz, White, Magsamen.  NAYS:  None.  Resolution adopted.  Laylin moved the following resolution seconded by Schwartz.  BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that the FEDERAL AID AGREEMENT between Black Hawk County and the Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT Agreement No. 2-17-HBRRS-025) for a Surface Transportation Block Grant Program Project BHS-C007(147)—63-07 on C55 Finchford Road over W Fork Cedar River from W Cedar-Wapsi Road north one mile with estimated total cost of $950,000 (with a $190,000 local match) be approved and direct the Chair to sign for same as recommended by Catherine Nicholas, County Engineer.  Nicholas said that there are two major bridges over the Cedar River just north of Finchford. The south bridge, built in 1959, is deteriorating and the deck has received a poor rating. This project has been in our five-year plan and is in budget for next year. The Board’s approval of this is needed to get federal funds. Magsamen asked how long the life of the bridge will be extended by this work. Nicholas said about twenty years.  AYES:  Laylin, Little, Schwartz, White, Magsamen.  NAYS:  None.  Resolution adopted.  Moved Laylin, by seconded by Schwartz that the REQUEST FOR PURCHASE OF CAPITAL EQUIPMENT submitted by Cathy Nicholas, Engineer, be approved and direct the Chair to sign for same: to purchase three (3) desktop computers with monitors from Sterling Computers for $2,097, to be used in the Engineer’s Office.   Nicholas said these computers are in the FY2018 capital expenses, are the normal computer rotation and that she worked with IT Director Kim Veeder.  Motion carried.  Moved by White, seconded by Laylin to accept the RESIGNATION from Cecilia Johnson of the Black Hawk County Country View Advisory Board, effective July 18, 2017.  Motion carried.  Moved by White, seconded by Laylin that the APPOINTMENT of Lisa Wetzel to the Black Hawk County Country View Advisory Board be approved, effective July 18, 2017. Motion carried.  REPORTS OR INFORMATION FROM THE BOARD: White asked the veterans present in audience to get the word out to other Korean vets to get on honor flight and thanked them for their service.  Schwartz said his grandfather is a Korean veteran who passed seventeen years ago but he plans to take his grandmother to see the Grout exhibit.    On motion and vote the meeting adjourned.  Frank Magsamen, Chair, Board of Supervisors                                 Helen R. Steffen, Systems/Real Estate Tax Manager