Commission Members Present: Brian Heath, Tom Little, John Mardis, and Randy Bennett. Commission Members Absent: Sam Barrett. Chairman Heath called the regular meeting of the Black Hawk County Solid Waste Management Commission called to order at 10:00 a.m., Thursday, November 21, 2019 in the City Council Chambers, City Hall, Waterloo, IA. Motion to approve received agenda made by Mardis, seconded by Bennett. Motion carried. Heath opened the meeting to public comments; none were received. Motion by Little, seconded by Mardis, to approve the minutes from the October 24, 2019 regular meeting. Motion carried. Motion by Bennett, seconded by Little, to approve the minutes from the November 15, 2019 special meeting. Motion carried. Little proposed a resolution that warrants be issued in payment of claims submitted (see list) and approval of the financial report. Roll call vote: Ayes: Heath, Little, Mardis, Bennett. Resolution 20-012 passed. Mardis made a motion to receive and file Proof of Publication for a Public Hearing and open a Public Hearing to receive comments on the plans, specifications, form of contract, and estimated cost of the Landfill Cell W-3 Advanced Grading Project. Motion seconded by Bennett. Motion carried. Heath opened the public hearing. No comments were provided and Foster reported no comments were received. Heath closed the hearing. Board received staff reports.
Old Business: Mardis proposed a resolution awarding the Landfill Cell W-3 Advanced Grading Public Improvement contract to Peterson Contractors Inc. at $3,961,450.50. Seconded by Little. Roll call vote: Ayes: Heath, Little, Mardis, Bennett. Resolution 20-013 passed.
New Business: Little proposed a motion to adopt the Disposal of Commission Personal Property Policy. Seconded by Bennett. Motion carried. Policy 1.08 Disposal of Commission Personal Property adopted. Bennett proposed a motion, seconded by Mardis, to authorize the Administrator to dispose of 1996 John Deere Gator through the City of Waterloo’s public auction. Motion carried. Mardis motioned to adjourn, Little seconded. Motion carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 10:16 a.m.
Schedule of Bills:
Amperage 180.00
Anderson, Lyndsey 31.32
Black Hawk County Auditor 10674.00
Carney, Alexander, Marold & Co. 920.00
Carolina Software 1387.77
Cedar Falls Utilities 65.00
CenturyLink 249.76
City of Cedar Falls 30.86
City of Waterloo 2747.08
Clean Harbors Env. Services 2714.52
Courier Communications 31.58
Dutton, Daniels, Hines, Kalkhoff, Cook & Swanson 1505.00
Fifth Street Tire 194.40
Foster, John 691.64
Grainger 568.50
Hatch Grading and Contacting 10000.00
Hudson Hardware Plumbing & Heating 345.82
IAN Treasurer 40.00
INRCOG 504.74
LaPorte City Printing & Design, Inc. 39.44
Liberty Tire Services LLC 55567.77
Menards – Waterloo 241.49
MidAmerican Energy 411.67
Midrange Consulting & Services 194.00
Osborne Services 543.30
RC Systems 9497.01
Safeguard Environmental Services 2603.32
Test America 16211.00
Treasurer – State of Iowa 4844.00
Turner, Tammy 143.82
Waste Tech, Inc. 255893.79