The 2014 Sheriff’s Office Annual Report is now complete. This year’s review indicates a continuing, favorable downward trend in crime for the rural and unincorporated areas around Black Hawk County.
“I am frustrated with the increase occurrence of burglaries in the county over the last year. Unfortunately, these are largely attributable to a very small number of offenders, most of whom are already caught for the crimes they committed, but it is clear how one or two individuals can so acutely skew the overall data for the year,” says Sheriff Tony Thompson. “Overall index crimes are down once again, and the energy and effort expended by our staff on accomplishing this is impressive. Our deputies and our civilian staff are prideful and professional, and I think our annual report demonstrates that this is an agency that our citizens can be justifiably proud of.”
“You’ll note that jail bookings are down, but the average daily population is dramatically up. For several months this year, we have had to hold Black Hawk County inmates in other county jails due to overcrowding. This is the result of several things, but most notably, more offenders are being arrested on much more serious offenses. Never before in the history of the jail have we held as many forcible felony charged offenders as we currently have in custody. These court processes take longer to navigate, so they end up staying in the jail for much longer periods of time. This reality results in the daily population counts continuing to increase,” added Sheriff Thompson.

Black Hawk County Incident Based Reportable Offenses:

“A” Offenses 2013/2014
Arson 0/0; Agg Assault 1/4; Assault Domestic 11/9; Assault Simple 19/14; Burglary 54/97; Criminal Mischief 63/71; Drug Violations 282/231; Kidnapping 2/0;
Robbery 0/3; Murder 0/0; Sexual Offenses 10/7; Thefts 72/66; Larceny of Mot. Veh. 9/13; Entice/Exploit Child 0/1

“B” Offenses 2013 2014
Liquor Law Violation 17/1; OWI 313/180; Public Intox 32/30; Family Offenses 6/12; Runaway 6/6; Suspicion 8/12; Bad Checks 2/1; Trespass 12/14; All Other Offenses 31/25
TOTALS 944 788

Other Notable Statistics 2013 2014
Sheriff’s Office Calls for Service: 13,769/13,758; Total Dispatch Center Calls: 132,431/126,581; Arrests: 4,107/4,176; Fatal Traffic Accidents: 6/1; Injury Traffic Accidents: 62/73; Property Damage Accidents: 230/223; Citations Issued: 4,532/4,519; Civil Processes Served: 18,402/17,518; Average Daily Jail Population: 252/267; Jail Bookings: 9,040/8,685