Robert and Clarice Burkgren will observe their 60th wedding anniversary this week.
The couple was married at Zion Lutheran Church at Gowrie, lA on March 9, 1957.
Clarice graduated from Iowa State College in 1957 with a degree in Home Economics Education. Teaching experience included one year (1958) in La Porte City.
Robert graduated from Iowa State Teachers College in 1959 with his chosen profession in teaching Industrial Arts. In 1959 both found employment at Sentral of Fenton, IA in their respective fields. Clarice taught two years there while Robert taught for six years. After the family
moved back to La Porte City in 1965, Clarice also taught halftime in the junior high for a total of four years, while Robert completed an additional 30 years. He also taught driver’s education for many years before retiring in La Porte City. Clarice served as the American Lutheran Church secretary from 1987-2006.
Their family includes Barb who lives in Hendersonville, TN, along with her son Rob, his wife and three children. Brenda and her husband Wayne Kirk and their children, Michael and Madelyn live in Bowling Green, KY. Their youngest daughter, Beth, has lived in a Comp System group home in Cedar Falls since 1992. They enjoy six grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Brad’s wife still lives in Groton, NY; their three daughters live in Virginia, Idaho, and North Carolina. Son Brad, passed away in 2009 and one great grandson, Logan Wiebbecke died in 2016. Logan would have celebrated his 1st birthday on March 16, this year.