Ask any employee at LPC Connect and they’ll tell it to you straight: La Porte City CAN do it! The local telephone company, always diligent in its efforts to improve the La Porte City community, is at it again, taking on the can redemption program started by Joan Getz (“The Can Lady”) some 17 years ago.

A new can cage is located in the alley behind the LPC Connect office at 308 Main Street. Area residents who wish to participate in the program can deposit their aluminum cans eligible for a 5¢ deposit in the state of Iowa. Please note: CANS for Community is a program limited to cans only. The site does not accept glass or plastic bottles.

All proceeds from CANS for Community will be used to support La Porte City community projects. Cans may be placed in the cage day or night, bagged or not bagged.

Dropping off cans at the CANS for Community site is an easy way to help make La Porte City a better community, one can at a time. 

In addition to LPC Connect, thanks are given to Brook Skram, Rick Lubben, Urb’s Hardware, Beau Wood, Tharp Design, Kramer Sausage Co. and The Progress Review for their assistance with this program.