On Saturday, January 3rd, Union’s Middle-School Robotics Teams will be hosting the NITO League, which includes teams from Dysart/La Porte City, Denver, Belmond, Ackley, Conrad, Garner, Charles City, Mason City, Eldora, and others.
The following day the Grape League, which includes teams from Dysart/La Porte City (Union’s High School teams), Vinton, Hudson, Urbana, Evansdale, Jesup, Central City, Benton Community, and others will take center stage.
Each league event will feature approximately 12 robotics teams in approximately 15-20 competition matches throughout the day. The events are free and open to the public. Generous seating space and concessions will be provided. Information about the competitions and the scoring process will be provided upon arrival.
Come enjoy good fun, good competition…and bad geek jokes!And, of course, ROBOTS! Cheer on Union students as they try to win their way toward League Championships and possibly to State, Regional, and International Competitions.