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Hawkins’ Happenings – May 24, 2017

By Jolene Kronschnabel, Library Director
Hawkins Handcrafters meets 1-3 PM, on Thursday, May 25. Bring your knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, quilting, or other handwork.
Remember to pick up books, movies, and magazines for the long holiday weekend. The library will be closed for Memorial Day on Monday, May 29.
May is Get Caught Reading Month. Thousands of items to read – books, magazines, and newspapers – are on hand and available to you at the library!
Beginning Monday, June 5, Summer Science programs will be provided by the Black Hawk County Extension Service 2017 STEM Library Tour Monday afternoons at the library. These are entertaining, free, hands-on learning labs. Sessions are 1:00 to 2:00 PM for preschool-2nd grade and 2:30 to 3:30 PM for grades 3rd -5th. Send the kids in!
LEGORAMA! is on Tuesday, June 6. Join us from 2-4 PM for LEGO building fun. The theme will be water.
The movie Monster Trucks shows on Wednesday, June 7, at 1:15 PM. A young man working at a small town junkyard discovers and befriends a creature which feeds on oil being sought by a fracking company. Rated PG, action/adventure/comedy, plays 1hr. and 44 min.
It is time to register for the library summer reading program, Build A Better World. This program begins when school is out for the summer. Fill out the reading log to earn prizes all summer long and attend the special programs scheduled in July and August. This program is for ages preschool through 5th grade.
The library has great programs all summer long. Stop at the library for a schedule, find it online at, or on our Facebook page. Take advantage of these free, fun, and educational activities.

Freckles’ Adopt a Pet – May 24, 2017

Freckles and The Progress Review encourage potential pet owners who are loving and responsible to consider adopting a pet from the Cedar Bend Humane Society.
Liberty, a Bluetick Coonhound is about 5 years old. She has been fairly quiet and reserved but has slowly begun to come out of her shell, and starting to enjoy treats and squeaky toys! Liberty is a beautiful girl who would benefit from a basic dog training class, who only wants to be loved. She seems to walk well on a leash, and appears to have some reservations about strangers. She would do best in a home without cats as she is very driven to chase cats. Her adoption fee is $190.
For more information about adopting a pet, contact: Cedar Bend Humane Society, 1166 W. Airline Highway, Waterloo, Iowa 319-232-6887  –

Meditations – May 24, 2017

By Rev. Ray E. Atwood   Sacred Heart Parish, La Porte City
Love is not automatic
For this is the message you have heard from the beginning; we should love one another (1 Jn. 3:11).
There are lots of “automatics” in our lives, including automatic dish washers, automatic washing machines, and automatic software updates. But some things are not automatic. Love is one of those things. Love is not automatic. Love is not like a glittering jewel, which shows its luster without any effort on our part. Rather, it is like a seed that is planted, grows daily, renews itself through storm and wind, rejoices in its blossoms, thrills to its fruits, dies to itself in winter, and arises to new life in the spring. Love must undergo a continual transformation, or it will become dull and lifeless.
Love must cry or it dies. It thrives on crisis. A crisis can bring out the best or the worst in us. Love is transformed in crisis, such as the birth of a child, sickness, sorrow, quarrels, and even following the death of one’s partner. Love is not like a plain, but instead like a succession of valleys and mountains. The story of love can seem like a roller coaster ride. Love in the spiritual order is not one continual ascent in joy to God. Instead, it is a journey through the thorns and thickets of trials, and struggle against temptation to sin. There would be no resurrection or ascension without a crucifixion.
When Peter on the Mount of Transfiguration saw Our Lord’s face shine like the sun and his garments white as snow, he wanted to stay in the mountain. He offered to set up three tents. But Jesus reminded him that one must pass through the winepress of Gethsemene and the darkness of Calvary before enjoying the sweet wine of resurrection and the light of the empty tomb.
There are two great moments of love in Our Lord’s life: one from Bethlehem to Cana, the other from Cana to Calvary. In the first, Mary appears as His only Mother; in the second she appears as the Mother of all people He would redeem. In the first, she is the mother of Jesus because she calls him “my son.” In the second, she is the mother all people when she calls her “your mother.” Cana is the turning point because there she was given the choice of keeping him for herself or delivering him to the world.
In human love there comes a time when something must be lost, when death must come so one can rise to new heights of joy. Many married people are not together enough to know they love each other. They mistake a crisis for the end of love when it is often a doorway to a deeper love.
Our modern life is geared to discontinuity and failure. Life is snuffed out by birth control; love dies in the refusal of sacrifice. But in the meantime there will always be the remnant of true lovers, who will see that as gold is purified by fire, so love is enriched by sacrifice. Love is not automatic. It is a dynamic relationship between God and the people He made for Himself.

Freckles’ Adopt a Pet – May 17, 2017

Freckles and The Progress Review encourage potential pet owners who are loving and responsible to consider adopting a pet from the Cedar Bend Humane Society.
Sienna is about 2 years old and has a good deal of puppy energy! She loves to be outside and on walks and would enjoy the playful company of other canines. She would also play with a cat if given the opportunity, this being said, some cats may find her energy a bit overwhelming. She should meet all young children in the home prior to adoption to assure that her energy won’t be too overwhelming. She is a wonderful girl!  Adoption fee: $190.
For more information about adopting a pet, contact: Cedar Bend Humane Society, 1166 W. Airline Highway, Waterloo, Iowa 319-232-6887  –


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