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Letter to the Editor – Anna Bower

When looking at the long lifespans that humans are living out, we can give our thanks to vaccines. Vaccines have saved millions of lives, yet are increasingly the target of social criticism. As a global community, the anti-vaccine movement is one of the most pressing issues we are experiencing culturally. The risks that come from not vaccinating are staggering, and illnesses that once plagued children, such as polio, measles, and whooping cough, are having the chance to rise again in frequency. To see these illnesses occur again with decreasing use of vaccines would put our entire society at risk.
The scientific community never backs anti-vaccine movements. There is no evidence to support such a mindset. However, with the prevalence of websites like Facebook, many sources of misinformed opinions are being shared as fact.
Consequently, more and more parents are choosing to not vaccinate their kids and citing it as a preference. When an unvaccinated person interacts with other members of society they could be unknowingly spreading infection or contracting it. For those who are ill and are unable to be vaccinated, this can mean life or death.
As a society we need to put our trust in scientists and doctors before a stranger ranting on Facebook. Vaccines protect us all, but they especially protect the most vulnerable members of our society from disease. Vaccines should be mandated to all healthy children, not allowing for personal choice. The culture has changed; the scientific consensus however, has not.
Anna Bower
LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Changes coming for Union High School Homecoming Week

Editor’s note: The following letter was submitted for publication on behalf of the Union High School Student Council by Wayne Slack, UHS Assistant Principal/Activities Director.
To all parents, students, and community members in the Union Community School District:
The student council would like to go over the Homecoming changes that were made this year and explain why the changes were made. This was a student council vote and compromise with the administration.
We will not be having a bonfire this year. This change was made due to the low number of people in attendance.
The Powderpuff Game will be moved to Monday night to kick off Homecoming week, and to make sure that all juniors and seniors who want to play get the chance. The game will start after the JV football game. If weather happens to cancel the game we will have a dodgeball tournament in the lower gym.
We will not be doing attendants this year. We know that this was a way for underclassmen to be a part of Homecoming, so we will be having a talent show during the pep rally open for all students.
The crowning of the king and queen will be during the pep rally on Friday. This will be open to the community. Before the game on Friday, we will still have the parents escort the candidates onto the track to be recognize. The past kings and queens are still invited to the game to be recognized as well.
A new addition this year will be the induction of new Union Athletics Hall of Fame members. This will happen during half time, with the marching band performing afterwards. We wouldn’t have time to recognize our past hall of fame members, recognize the attendants, crown the queen, and give the band time to perform.
These changes were made to benefit the whole school and Union Alumni.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact the student council or administration. We are very excited about these changes and ready to be a part of a great homecoming! Go Knights!!!

Letter to the Editor – Angela Rivas

To the Editor:
Volunteer to save lives by hosting a blood drive in your community! Volunteer chair people help save lives by supporting a local blood drive and recruiting donors to give the gift of life. LifeServe Blood Center provides support, supplies, and the know how to make your blood drive a success! Contact us today: 800-287-4903 or
Angela Rivas
Public Relations Intern, LifeServe Blood Center

Letter to the Editor – Justin Parson

To the Editor:
Union Community Schools is home to one of the finest track and field facilities in Northeast Iowa. While the ability exists to host home track meets, timing methods are done manually. It is the vision of the Union track program to host more meets with the opportunity to host districts numerous times in the future. In order for that to happen, the track and field facility needs to be equipped with a proper fully automated timing system. Currently, a fully automated timing system can range in cost from $13,000 to $23,000 depending on types. The girls track team sold cookies to raise $5,000 towards the purchase of a new system. While those funds are readily available and a great start towards our goal, we are still in need of funds. Our hope is that we can graciously accept generous donations from the Union Community family and local businesses in pursuit of a new timing system. It is our vision to put up a unique design of a track on our concession stand and list donors on it as follows:
Bronze Donor: $25 to $99
Silver Donor: $100 to $499
Gold Donor: $500 or more
Customary to seeding heat times in track events, Gold donors will have a gold medal with their names on it, and that medal will be placed in lane 4 on the display. Silver donors will have a silver medal with their names on it, and that medal will be placed in lanes 3 and 5 on the display. Bronze donors will have a bronze medal with their names on it, and they will be placed in lanes 1,2,6,7, and 8.
Union High School Track and Union Middle School Track would like to say thank you for your consideration of a donation, and we look forward to displaying your name proudly as we pursue funding towards a fully automated timing system.
Mail Checks to:
(Please make checks payable to UCSD)
Union High School c/o Justin Parson
200 Adams St.
La Porte City, IA 50651
Justin Parson
Union High School

Letter to the Editor – Donna Juber

To the Editor:
It’s a funny thing. Try to protect your home, you’re labeled. Expect to breathe clean air, you’re labeled. Want a clean lake to take your kids to, you’re labeled. Fight for your rights, someone calls you names, someone ‘warns’ you about what
you’re doing. Ask your legislator for help, you’re ignored.
Factory farms are pushing the limits. They’re trying to squeeze closer to homes, businesses, and children’s play areas. They’re trying to see how far they can bend the laws and which county’s supervisors will let them get away with it.
Iowa was called number one place to live; they didn’t check the rural areas. Rural areas aren’t so nice anymore.
A few counties are fighting back, taking it to the EPC. One county is going further, to court. Corporate pig people didn’t like that and wanted their rights taken away.
DNR was given a list of nearly 50 items they could put into place to protect our air and water; all of them ignored. Our elected legislature was given 15 bills to protect our homes, air, and water; all ignored. If we did not do our jobs, we would not get paid.
Maybe it’s not so funny, after all.
Donna Juber
Rural Hardin County


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