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Letter to the Editor – John Clayton

To the Editor:
A week ago, the Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement group was in Washington, D.C. talking about the farm crisis. The transformation of hog production from family farms to corporate controlled factory farms was driven by manipulation of markets by big corporations. That same thing is now happening to cattle farmers.
Right now, family farmers are paid below cost of production. And, cattle farmers are losing money.
One way to help cattle farmers is by creating country-of-origin-labeling (COOL) for beef production. Right now, USDA allows foreign-grown beef to be imported and repackaged in USA and be labeled a product of USA.
Consumers and cattle farmers alike are in favor of COOL. So why aren’t Iowa’s representatives introducing or signing onto COOL legislation? They have numerous excuses.
The truth is all of Iowa’s Congressional Delegation equally refuse to introduce or sign onto COOL legislation. Instead they are choosing to listen to the corporate interests like JBS and Smithfield.
COOL is a common-sense policy for consumers and cattle producers. And, COOL can be passed by Congress, if they can find the political will.
John Clayton

Letter to the Editor – State Senator Joe Bolkcom

To the Editor,
Here’s one way you can help Iowa veterans.Many vets suffer from service-related Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD can cause intense, disturbing thoughts and feelings, including flashbacks and nightmares.
Vets with PTSD can feel estranged from other people, including their families. Severe PTSD can even cause premature death.
Current PTSD treatments often include prescriptions for addictive, potentially deadly opioids. And those treatments don’t always work.
Most veterans live in states where it is legal for them to treat PTSD with safe, effective medicines made from cannabis. Currently, that’s a choice that Iowa veterans can’t legally make.
You can help change that. On November 1, the Iowa Medical Cannabidiol Board will vote on adding PTSD as a qualified condition under Iowa’s medical cannabis program. If the board votes yes, Iowa vets will have the access to effective medicines made from cannabis that most other American veterans already have.
To help Iowa veterans, call the Medical Cannabidiol Board at 515-725-2076 as soon as possible. Urge them to allow Iowa vets to legally treat service-related PTSD with safe medicines made from cannabis.
If you are an Iowa veteran who would like the option of treating PTSD symptoms with legal medical cannabis, please let me know. My email address is and my phone number is 319-337-6280.
Let’s all work together to give Iowa veterans legal access to safer, effective medicines made from medical cannabis.
State Senator Joe Bolkcom
Iowa City

Letter to the Editor – Iowa Sen. Ken Rozenboom, Iowa Rep. Dean Fisher

To the Editor,
When we visit with constituents, some of the most common and persistent consumer complaints are about robocalls that we’re all bombarded with.
Robocalls are recorded messages from scam artists to unsuspecting consumers. The scammers often use automatic dialers to make large batches of calls that are designed to get consumers to provide financial or personal information.
Robocalls are on the rise, with 26 billion calls placed in the U.S. just last year. These calls are burdensome and potentially costly.
That’s why we made it a priority to address the issue by proposing a statewide legislative solution to crack down on these fraudulent calls. As we worked to implement this policy, though, we learned, a state-level solution would not be practical, as robocalling is a national problem.
We are happy to learn that many states attorneys general from across the country have joined together with the national telephone industry to protect consumers from unscrupulous scammers. In June, the Federal Communications Commission finally ruled that carriers could block robocalls for their customers by default — without requiring a customer opt in first.
Now, many of the telephone companies will be able to deliver free services that automatically block fraud calls, provide screen alerts for suspected spam calls and help protect smartphones from potential threats. These kinds of solutions are exactly what we were hoping the telephone industry would be able to deliver. The FCC also provides resources for consumers at
We urge our constituents to access resources available to protect themselves from potential scams, and we continue to urge telephone companies to remain vigilant in protecting Iowans from the risks and the hassle of robocalls.
Iowa Sen. Ken Rozenboom
Iowa Rep. Dean Fisher

Letter to the Editor – Larry Ginter

To the Editor:
Independent family farmers are wedded to the water and the land. We understand that our fates are bound together. Family farmers are persevering despite underpriced grains and livestock.
The industrial system of agriculture hurts family farmers by forcing us to farm fence row to fence row with grain prices below the price of production. But it doesn’t have to be this way.
If farmers could get a fair price, they could leave more land to implement conservation practices that would protect our soil and water.
Members of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement have been fighting for family farmers since the farm crisis in the 80’s. We know that family farmers, rural communities, our land, and our water are worth fighting for. By filing a lawsuit against the state for their failure to protect our water – we are doing just that.
And, I happy to hear that this Public Trust Doctrine lawsuit has been upheld in court and will move forward, despite the state’s motion to dismiss. We must change this system because our farm and food system belongs in the hands of many family farmers not under the control of a handful of corporations.
Larry Ginter

Letter to the Editor – Joel Bishop

To the Editor,
Raising classroom awareness
Today’s 21st century classroom looks a lot different than it did thirty years ago. Across the state students are entering schools every day faced with traumatic issues as well as heavy mental burdens created by the “technology explosion” of social media.
Student behaviors might appear to be a classroom out of control. Actually, it may be a cry for attention. The student may be seeking additional positive influences to help navigate and stand strong in the face of traumatic issues.
It is time for communities to reach out and support mental health by implementing programs in our schools and communities to support positive learning environments. Adults can be influential models to help our students successfully cope with the pressures of the future.
Joel Bishop, Iowa State Education Association, Retired Representative, Hawkeye Uniserv Unit


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