The City Council of La Porte City met in regular session on June 26. Following approval of the consent agenda, Mayor Neil opened a scheduled nuisance abatement hearing at the request of Levi Harrill. Harrill had received of a junk car notice issued by the City after a citizen made a complaint to the La Porte City Police Department. Upon investigation, the vehicle in question, a 1982 tan Cutlass, was not operable as required by City Code. Harrill indicated he is in the process of moving and requested an extension until July 20th, at which time the car will be stored in a garage and no longer in violation of the City Code. He also presented a list of 31 properties to the Council he believed had code violations and requested that they be investigated. At the conclusion of the hearing, the Council granted Harill an extension until July 20th to move the junk vehicle.

Membership on La Porte City’s Planning & Zoning Commission may soon be reduced from nine members to seven. The Council received and placed on file a recommendation from the Commission in favor of the reduction, citing the difficulty in retaining nine members while noting most volunteer boards associated with the City have six or fewer members. An ordinance will be drafted for future Council consideration.

The Planning & Zoning Commission has also recommended to allow the sale of fireworks in a C-2 District as a use exception. A use exception would require the approval of the Board of Adjustment before a business could operate in that zone.  The commission also recommended that the Council consider an amendment to Chapter 122 of the Code of Ordinances to require transient merchants to abide by the development ordinance as it pertains to zoning districts. The suggested requirements, should the Council decide to take action on them, are designed to keep transient merchants in the zoning district for which their businesses are zoned.