In two separate meetings on March 28, La Porte City’s newest housing development was the focus of City Council business. Prior to its regularly scheduled meeting, where the the sale of three Sweet Addition lots was approved and April 11 was set as the date for public hearings to address the sales of eight additional lots, the Council met in special session with current Sweet Addition residents.
At issue was a proposed amendment that would add lots number 11 and 12 to the list of those where dual homes or condominiums could be constructed. Such a change is determined by a simple majority vote of the property owners and, as the developer, the City of La Porte City has 13 votes to cast. After a brief discussion on the merits of the amendment, the Council tabled action on the allocation of its votes.
In other business conducted during the Council’s regular session, a proposal from the La Porte City Lions Club to participate in the Free Little Libraries program was approved. The Lions Club will construct five weatherproof “libraries” to be placed throughout town after consultation with the Public Works Director and work with Hawkins Memorial Library to stock them with books. The Free Little Libraries concept is a simple one: Take a book, return a book.
The Council also received a report from the Library Board of Trustees, which has been working to address the library’s need for additional space. A recently completed feasibility study, along with a space needs assessment conducted in 2014, has provided specific information about the recommended amount of space the library will need through the year 2035, as well as an estimated amount local fundraising and grants could be expected to contribute toward a new or renovated facility.
The Council also approved the Utilities Budget for Fiscal Year 2017, readopted the Code of Ordinances to incorporate those adopted in 2014 and 2015 into the City Code and approved the renewal of property and liability insurance and work comp insurance.
The Council hired Breann Bader as the Recreation Director and appointed Jasmine Gaston to the Parks and Recreation Commission.
Other action taken by the Council included accepting a bid to replace the Community Center front door with one that is handicapped-accessible. A court order for the cleanup of property located at 205 Main Street was reviewed, which stated the City would take the necessary steps to bring the property into compliance with the City’s codes. Should the property owner fail to do so, the City will carryout the cleanup of the property and assess the costs to the property owner.